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MYO Rose Bush Fertilizer

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Roses are absolutely gorgeous and make a lovely addition to any garden, but figuring out how to make the flourish with so many items available on the market can cause a big headache as well as a slam to the budget. Here is my secret dirt cheap rose bush fertilizer for perfect blooms year after year . . .

Actual weather conditions rather than a specific date, is what matters when you fertilize roses. The best time to begin fertilizing is when the plant has 4 to 6 inches of new growth, and the first new leaflets with 5 to 7 leaves appear on the bush.


Got Bananas?

Banana peel contains a healthy dose of potassium, an average of 78mg/g as well as calcium 19 mg/g, sodium 24mg/g, manganese 76mg/g, and iron 6mg/g. These nutrients provide a great boost to the soil naturally and they’re wonderful for most plants, not just roses!

Unlike many other items, banana peels don’t have to be composted first in order to add them to soil.


For beautiful blooms, simply flatten a banana peel (stem and all) and then bury it approximately 1 inch deep at the base of each rose bush. If the bush is quite large, use up to three banana peels. Your roses will love the burst of potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen and with the added benefit of disease resistance.

Beautiful, yet dirt cheap, (pardon the pun!)

Alternatively, the banana peel can be pureed in a blender and poured into the base of the rose bush for rapid absorption.

If you already have some roses, or know of someone who does, here’s a fantastic way to propagate more rose bushes from cuttings.

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