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90 Cheap, Useful Online Apps for College Students

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90 Cheap, Useful Online Apps for College Students

Studying is one of the most responsible processes that every student should consider seriously. It is sometimes challenging to focus on reading, writing, and processing all assigned homework.

Luckily, education can be simplified now with the help of online tools. Many students take advantage of digital services by asking, “Can you help write an essay for me?” or looking for the task’s solution in mobile applications. In our article, you get an extended list of the best digital tools in each category.

Apps for Education

lecture capture apps

Lecture Capture Apps

1 Image to Text
If you need to transform a handwritten text into a document, there is no better app than Image to Text. This is the free tool to scan a paper or a book page and convert it to a digital image. Anything that is depicted on the image could be transformed to such supported file formats as .DOC or .PDF.

2 Text Scanner
Students appreciate the fast approach to studying, and as a result, this app is more than convenient for them. They can easily edit, copy, share, and send scanned text via email.

It works quickly: just snap a necessary page and read the scanned text. A built-in language auto-recognizer is an application feature that expands studying possibilities. You can copy and paste text to your favorite translator and find out what’s written on abroad signs.

3 Microsoft OneNote
This is one of the most recognizable scanning apps. Students benefit from the expanded possibilities OneNote represents. Capture anything and save it instantly to your device. The sharing function lets you transport the information to your classmate without delay.

Moreover, you can note important information right on your device. OneNote can also recognize drawings and transform them into popular document formats. Organize your lectures with the help of this app and forget about being mixed up!

4 Microsoft Lens
When students need support to modify the captured documents, they can additionally use one more Microsoft product. The Lens helps turn your text into a readable format and adds it to PowerPoint, Word, or Excel programs.

Microsoft Lens works better with OneNote integration. As an extra feature, you can save the phone number to your contacts by taking a picture of your business card. This app works in English to easily keep both printed docs and classroom handouts in one place.

5 Google Lens
Having the application that can help both art and science students is the most significant advantage for the learning process. With Google Lens, students can identify not only the text but architecture, plants, animals, and even clothes.

This tool can cover many educational needs by letting the student search with images. Your conspectus from the class won’t also be left behind: capture anything with written or printed text on it and save files to your phone.
homework help apps

Homework Helpers

6 Brainly
This application is a universe of knowledge among studying apps. When you get stuck in a complex subject, you can always get the complete explanation at Brainly.

The great community of students, teachers, and parents are ready to answer any question concerning such subjects as accountancy, math, psychology, history, business studies, geography, sociology, biology, political science, physics, economy, chemistry, art, ecology, computer science, English, literature, foreign languages, and music.

7 Bartleby
When you’ve met the trouble with your topic, hurry up to download Bartleby. Here students get reliable answers from experts in the blink of an eye.

You can ask for free up to 30 questions per month in more than 20 subjects. The application includes solutions to popular course textbooks. You can also find many resolved tasks that students have already published for many subjects inside the app.

8 Chegg Study
Take a photo of a question or write it in a particular form so the expert can see it. Get an answer right away and be guided in a long journey to better knowledge.

At Chegg Study, you can find specially prepared videos to understand the most challenging subject. If you are still stumped with your topic, you can easily continue the Q&A session until you make it out.

9 Course Hero
Studying became easier with the extensive online library at Course Hero. Simply ask a question and get an answer in the program shortly. Prepare for tests or exams by improving knowledge on any subject.

More than 500,000 people use this app and get answers from experienced tutors 24/7. Form your library with your questions, documents, specific studying resources, and taken courses simultaneously.

10 Socratic by Google
Being smarter is possible without extra tutoring today. Socratic by Google represents its own way to get on a brighter path of learning.

Simply ask any question and access step-by-step explanations in any subject. Get help on such human sciences as art, literature, or writing, and exact sciences, such as chemistry, physics, biology, or math. Socratic will simplify your material perception with visual studying guides.
exam prep apps

Exam Preparation

11 GRE Test Prep Math & Verbal
Today you don’t need to explore a variety of resources to prepare for GRE testing. GRE Test Prep Math & Verbal is a special app that includes practical answers to move your knowledge forward.

Track your reading comprehension, complete the text, pass the quiz, and find out an approximate GRE score. This will help you to analyze your current level and prepare for the exam to a greater degree.

12 TOEFL English Vocabulary Cards
Getting ready for TOEFL has never been so enjoyable! Master the most important questions with many cards. Develop your vocabulary with 600 new words and help yourself in more efficient preparation.

It is a great app that helped more than 500,000 students to pass TOEFL effortlessly. Memorizing is one of the most critical parts of any education, so this app is essential for you!

13 GMAT 2021 prep App-Aptitude Verbal Mock Test Paper
If you need to prepare for CAT or GMAT examinations, this is a mandatory app for you!

This tool is an excellent opportunity to know what is waiting for you in a MOCK test of verbal ability, data interpretation, integrated reasoning, MCQs (multiple choice questions) with answers, and RC (reading comprehension). Students can easily manage their exam preparation with detailed test analysis and simply explained concepts.

14 Ultimate SAT
What a great opportunity for students to sigh with relief using a SAT prep game! Play it and predict the score of your knowledge. The application insists on these sections: geometry, algebra, data analysis, SAT reading comprehension, and SAT writing comprehension.

Galvanize Test Prep makes more than 10,000 students and their parents happy with a relaxed approach to teaching. Improve your knowledge to see what you can do!

15 PTE Academic Official Practice
Designed to provide explicit learning material on testing with 20 question types, this application risks taking the heart of students. The tool works amazingly! For instance, the user has a task to speak to the microphone and describe in detail what is shown in the picture.

The restriction for response may vary, and usually, students are given 40 seconds to answer. You can instantly see the wrong answers highlighted with red and the correct ones highlighted with green in the test format.
language apps 2

Apps for Learning Languages

16 Duolingo
If you want to simplify studying various languages, Duolingo is the right choice for you! Dedicated to both younger and adult students, this application helps to learn more than 35 languages with fun.

It is much easier with this app because complex topics are split into smaller parts. Bright pictures and attractive designs will work great for better word memorization.

17 Memrise
This app will become your best companion on the path of language learning! With Memrise, you can start speaking skillfully because there are many videos provided beside each topic.

In the video, the native speaker asks you a question, and you need to answer with your voice. This way, you can understand better how to pronounce the words and which phrase is suitable for an answer in a particular case.

18 Babbel
Language learning is like a piece of a pie if you start to study with Babbel! The proven successful results by Yale University make users trust the app’s proficiency.

Just add the app to your mobile and choose the time for learning most suitable for you: on the go, around breakfast, or during the break of your working day. The reminder will work for you, especially at the time you’ve set.

19 Drops
Ace your language goals in learning with Drops by Kahoot! You can learn the language from scratch just in five minute sessions a day.

Listen, speak, play with words, learn how to write, and memorize them. A free trial period of ten days will help you to understand whether you like to continue using. Practice language in various topics such as business, relations, food, countries, nature, etc.

20 Beelinguapp
Improve your language skills with Beelinguapp. Practice speaking and keep motivated with exciting tasks. Using this tool, you can understand that being comprehensive in a foreign language is essential not only when you are in travel but also for business needs.

This app gives you access to an audiobook on the language you want to learn so you can listen and read with benefit! Choose among 14 languages or learn them all at your own pace.
flashcard apps


21 AnkiDroid Flashcards
Create decks and add your own pictures to each card with AnkiDroid flashcards. This application is lifesaving when a student lacks memory. Users can benefit from studying biology, geography, anatomy, chemistry, pathology, physics, math, history, music, language, law, and other exact and human sciences.

Solve the tasks on the whiteboard with your finger. If you want to track your results, you can always see them in the statistics section.

22 Study Flashcards
These flashcards are unique because you can train your memory in a test or practice version. For instance, you can choose the correct answer from the list or explanation without any variants, which is more difficult.

Track your progress as you study in a particular calendar, and don’t miss a day. The possibility to create different card types helps you to choose whether you need to type your answer, match terms with definitions, or provide a basic review.

23 Quizlet
Gamifying studies was never so pleasing! Take the practical test to answer whether the statement is true or false. Learn definitions, prepare for GSCE exams, and dive into science, coding, math, history, or arts to make a better version of yourself.

Tools in Quizlet are applicable for building your own quest, which you can share with friends and get ready for the class together.

24 Flashcards
If you are tired of studying the subject from books, why not trying it with the Flashcards tool on your phone? Create cards with custom settings, such as terms, definitions, and drawings, and learn on the go.

Flashcards work both in online and offline modes, so you don’t need to delay the sessions. Moreover, you can import a CSV file or create a temporary link to share your quiz with friends.

25 Simple Flashcards Plus
This is one more engaging way to simplify your learning. Download this free application without extra requirements or registration. Very clear in use, this tool lets you create custom flashcards simply!

Browse millions of ready flashcards to check your knowledge now. A randomly generated test shows your skills, so you know which subject you need to improve.
dictionary apps


26 Oxford Dictionary of English
More than 150 years of research made Oxford Dictionary one of the most recognizable and reliable sources for linguists worldwide. It is a must-have application for beginner learners because they can always find the needed word and phrase among 350,000 words and definitions.

Avoid mispronouncing and listen to how to say the word correctly with an audio spelling tool. Working offline, this app becomes even more helpful if you don’t have enough data or study on the go.

27Dictionary Linguee
Linguee wins the hearts of more than a million users around the world. This tool is so effective that even The Guardian reviewed it.

The choice of multiple languages lets learners navigate between the apps and translate messages from foreign pen friends on the run. This app is handy for professional linguists, explains every word, and shows several translation versions with examples in sentences.

28My Dictionary
This app includes dictionaries for 90 languages available to learn in seven training types. Improve your pronunciation, add your own words, and read what other users add to the general words library.

Make your studying quicker by adding a custom picture to each word. Even if you have a limit to upload up to 300 images, this will help you memorize new words better and visually perceive information.

29Dictionary – Merriam-Webster
Created classically in 1828, this dictionary is a valuable invention for the world, so English becomes approachable for anyone. With digitalization, the dictionary is available as an app. Speak the word to the voice recorder, and the program will recognize it.

Read the explanation and all necessary word elements such as orthography, phonology, reference, semantics, register, word associations, collocation, morphology, syntax, and appropriateness of use. Here you can even play word games! Still, one of the most interesting tools here is the word of the day. We bet you’ve never heard it before!

30Advanced Offline Dictionary
This is a crucial tool for painless communication! If you want to look for words, not for the Internet connection, the Advanced Offline Dictionary is suitable for you. Search for a word’s meaning and share the link with your friends via social media or messengers.

This English dictionary makes it available for abroad students to determine the difference between UK and US accents. Just select the needed ones and enjoy learning!
note taking apps

Apps for taking notes

Being a memory champion is not in-demand anymore because Evernote has it all ready for you. If you need to add some notes to your phone, you can do it with one click: type the text, take a photo, scan a document, record audio, sketch, or add a reminder.

Besides the essential noting functions, this app can capture lectures via voice or scan text to convert handwriting into digital text.

This winner among apps with over 100 million downloads can quickly improve your habit to notify everything you need. Here, you can color the note according to its importance.

Your ColorNote can insist on anything you like: shopping lists, a reminder for events, contacts, diary, books, recipes, to-do list, and more. With intuitive editing, you will write exactly what you need. Mark the things you’ve done so you can see your progress.

33Google Keep
Google’s company becomes useful not only for business purposes but for routine deeds as well. Capture ideas in text, photo, image, or voice formats.

Connect a family or friends to your shopping list to see what you’ve bought. Also, you can create a student list if you are working on a group assignment. Label your notes to organize them right in the app.

34Easy Notes
Students who’ve been looking for a bright way to sort their notes out now have Easy Notes. This is the ultimate tool for text editing, doing homework, maintaining shopping lists, diaries, events, and pictures.

Make the noting process fast by adding audio records to your device. A beautifully designed layout will not let you get lost among thousands of notes. Also, you can always split them into categories.
college notes

35D Notes
Catch the vital part of your mind with direct and intuitive D Notes. Choose which note you want to add and play with the video, photo, text, documents, reminder, and voice recorder features.

Literally, you can work with any type of attachment relevant to this app. You can even keep a diary protected with a fingerprint or PIN code. Back up and restore all notes to your Google Drive or SD card.
online libraries

Online Libraries and Ereaders

This is a mobile version of a popular reading platform where everyone can find the book they’d love. Based on your reading background, you can get recommendations and pick literature that will engage you.

Here you can rate the book you’ve read or read other reviews. If you find an interesting composition, you can share the link with your friend. Also, you can find your classmates among users and find out what books they like.

37Moon+ Reader
Join one of the most favored applications among book readers! This app is beloved not only because of the 3D page turning effect, EPUB3 video content, or remaining reading time. Actually, you would love this app for a wide choice of ebooks presented in 40 languages.

Moon+ supports various reading format options to keep your eyes healthy during long-term reading and a personal bookshelf where a reader can organize books as they wish.

Meet the app that will make you love books even more! ReadEra gained over ten million installs, and this is one of the biggest reasons to trust it.

This tool supports 12 popular reading formats, so you can be sure your book will be opened. Also, smart navigation lets you easily pick up where you left off on the previous reading session.

39eReader Prestigio
Have you ever noticed how the natural movement of page turning makes you enjoy reading? With eReader Prestigio, you can enjoy the extensive book choices and quick search.

Do you like to perceive the plot auditorally? Listen to any audiobook you want in Prestigio. Also, you can replenish your bookshelf with a great selection for free.

Are you tired of lost bookmarks? In Librera, you can track where you are with a progress bar! The fundamentals of surface, light, and movement will make you feel enchanted interacting with this app.

Find the book you love and adjust the reading settings to enjoy the process. Make notes and bookmarks inside the text to save your favorite quotes.

Online Courses

Finally, you can learn anything with online video courses from your smartphone. Take one of the 65,000 programs taught by industry experts. Explore a thousand topics and get strong skills with comprehensive material.

Learn your own way: download the course and watch it offline anytime. It’s never been easier to learn on your own schedule with lifetime access to videos! However, if you want to share your knowledge, you can join the app as an instructor.

Enjoy free courses from the best universities worldwide! Search for the right one among thousands of programs and purchase certificates starting just from $39.

Complete the lecture, then move to the textual material, take the quiz, and access the next topic. Advance your skills easily in any specialization. These will help you both in your education and further career path.

If you’ve been dreaming to enroll in a worldwide recognized college, you have a chance to accomplish it in one click. Reach any course on the edX educational platform on any subject and discipline.

It doesn’t matter whether you are studying engineering or psychology; you can always check your knowledge with an interactive quiz on it. Asking questions on special forums will help you to earn new skills.

44Khan Academy
The studying procedure has never been so easy! With Khan Academy, you can master your skills while processing practical questions. The lessons are open even if you are offline.

Track all your courses, recent lessons, and classes with assigned tasks in one menu. Explore the entire lesson’s library, which includes video and text material. To keep everything on hand, a student can save the content in bookmarks.

Using this app, you can significantly increase your creative approach to studying. Every user has a trial period of 30 days when they can decide on its benefits.

Let your inner explorer grow by gaining extra skills in graphic design, illustration, 3D animation, photography, motion graphics, calligraphy, patterns, and more. Share your projects with the community and expand your chances to find a potential employer.
fitness apps

Apps for health, nutrition, and sports

4630 Day Fitness Challenge – Workout at Home
It is hard to stay active while studying. Consequently, this application should be on the must-have list for smartphones! Just follow a 30-day plan and see your body improve.
Remember to do all exercises because it is essential not only for a stunning look but also for overall well-being. Improve your abs, butt, or full core to have an advantage of a healthy body.

477 Minute Workout
This app is suitable for every busy person – especially students. The fact it has ten million active users speaks for itself.

Watch the video, remember all the movements, and repeat them for a set amount of time. The exercises are organized by categories: classical, abs, butt, and legs. Track your progress by adding all sessions to the calendar so that you don’t have any gaps in your training or mind.

48Weight Loss Coach
Often it is difficult for students to start any diet because it takes too much time for preparation. With Weight Loss Coach, you can dedicate 15-30 minutes to find a menu that matches your needs and solve your nutrition issues with ease.

Discover your program and stick to the recommended products for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks. Meanwhile, discuss the diet with your doctor and consider all health aspects before using the app.

49Health Pal Fitness
It is great to have all fitness and nutrition recommendations in one place. Health Pal Fitness works well if you want to improve your well-being.

Choose your daily home workout plan and follow it for 30 days to see the progress. Special calculators will help you improve healthy habits (calories burnt, water requirements, or energy expenditure).

50Health & Fitness Tracker with Calorie Counter
Get an overview of your daily activity with this fantastic tool! Count calories, track water intake, calculate your sleeping hours, and find out the general state of your health. In Health & Fitness Tracker, you can create your own menu to see nutrition facts about each product.
apps to increase concentration

Apps for Increasing Concentration

Planting a tree is a difficult task that demands responsibility and perseverance. The same concerns studying!

For this purpose, the developers of the Forest app created a great opportunity that helps students both concentrate and save the planet. You can use this app for free or upgrade to premium and give a chance to a special organization to plant a real tree for this cost.

52Focus To-Do
This app combines a to-do list with a focus timer. Studying with this app will enhance your productivity and help you to manage even complex tasks. Customize all settings and combine breaks with studying sessions. Controlling your time will help you to finish homework faster.

53Study Bunny
This tool with a funny character easily motivates even the laziest student. For each completed productive session, you’ll earn coins which you can spend in an online store for your Bunny.

Remember, if you have a break longer than seven minutes, you will lose your coins. Simply assign a subject and time you need to study and make your Bunny happy!

54Stay Focused
If you have been looking for a tool to turn off all notifications, you can easily do this with Stay Focused. It blocks all unnecessary applications, so your studying is saved from distractions. Every user can customize configurations and optimize their time for learning.

Having this application, you can efficiently prepare for the exams. Just set a D-Day and dedicate the rest of your days to studying your classes.

Interacting with this app is simply fun! Just flip the phone to start measuring your study time and see the achievement statistic for certain days.
music apps

Music Apps

Music plays a central role in making the studying process enjoyable. Some students like to listen to music with a smooth flow, such as jazz or blues, and others can better concentrate with rap.
In Spotify, you can find all genres beautifully organized in playlists. Some of them are great for specific mood states or various activities such as studying, working, sports, or party time. Join after a free trial for $4.99 a month.

57YouTube Music
If you are searching for the music app with all video and audio benefits, YouTube Music has them all! You might know how annoying it is to listen to your favorite playlist from YouTube and be interrupted by a locked home screen.

With a premium subscription for $9.99 per month, you can easily put your phone back in your pocket and save your battery without losing sound.

This music tool is one of the most underground music apps for today. You can easily find your friends posting their records or podcasts to this platform or post your own composition. If music is one of your hobbies, you should consider using SoundCloud expansively.

With this app, every student can discover thousands of artists to compose their own playlists. Save favorite songs, and the program will form suggestions basing on your musical taste.

There is no need to look for the song’s name outside of the app because you can identify it with SongCatcher. Also, Deezer provides lyrics with each song’s section to sing along.

60Apple Music
With a great music library, Apple Music makes it possible to listen to favorite tracks for three months with no charge. Connect with friends and find out what others listen to right now. Browse songs, artists, and their albums to enrich your musical taste.
campus safety apps

Student Safety Apps

61Microsoft Family Safety
Unfortunately, students face many sad moments in life and even might lose a friend. To not let this happen, everyone should use a safety app such as Microsoft Family Safety. Even if it is called a family app, you can add any of your friends or your partner to explore the places they visit.

62Emergency SOS Safety Alert
This personal alarm app will let you know if something happens to your besties. Set up the dangerous area and look whether your friends or beloved ones visit it. Get a notification whether someone is in an accident or another unsafe situation to be on time for the call.

63Personal Security & Women Travel Safety
Today, women’s safety is still a priority. Download this app and stay confident there is nothing wrong with your sister, friend, or classmate. Sometimes it is impossible to send an SOS signal with your hands.

For this purpose, you can use this app, which automatically recognizes your voice with a safe word. After it, the app activates and starts to record what happens while 911 is on the way to the rescue.

64Safe Student
Tap the SOS button in case of an emergency. This tool synchronizes with local emergency service so you can be sure of your safety. Using Safe Student when turning back from a party or returning home after the job when it is dark, you can protect yourself from the severity of an uncomfortable situation.

65SOS Alert
Don’t worry about the well-being of your closest ones! Connect your account to another to share your location or send an SOS signal if you are in a dangerous situation. SOS Alert sends notifications to your five emergency contacts. They will see the message and link to your location because SOS Alert incorporates with Google Maps.

Wake-up on Time Apps

Waking up on your own schedule is not a problem today! Set a time and a favorite track on your alarm sound to wake up with joy. This app will definitely make your bedtime finer!

This app will work for you even if you are a heavy sleeper! Alarmy has a mission not to let your head go back to the pillow, so you need to take a photo, solve a short math task, scan the barcode, and shake your phone 999 times.

68Challenges Alarm Clock
With this app, you have no chance to sleep again! Even if you want to dismiss the alarm from Challenges Alarm Clock, you need to solve puzzles in the app. An additional function of AI face recognition will force you to get out of bed and take a selfie.

69Shake-it Alarm
If it is hard for you to start doing morning exercises, you can benefit from Shake-it Alarm! Improve healthy habits to get up in time with such tasks as screaming off, continuous taps, and shaking your device as hard as you can.

70Early Bird Alarm Clock
It is essential for students not to be late! Use Early Bird Alarm Clock, which makes you get out of bed easier with sounds in random mode. Set your sleeping schedule, and don’t miss a thing with a simple and valuable wake-up tool!
responsible drinking apps

Responsible drinking Apps

Drinking issues can ruin many aspects of a student’s life. EasyQuit can help you to handle alcohol and know your measure. If you want to help yourself drink less, you can easily count days of sobriety in this app.

72Sober Time
Increase your motivation to quit drinking with a step-by-step sober tracker. Set a goal for each addiction and see your improvement in time. Sober Time will help you to count not only days of sobriety but your savings as well. You’ll soon see how much you spend on alcohol, which is one of the best motivations to quit drinking.

73Alcogram Drink Calendar
Responsible alcohol consumption can increase your well-being! Consider using a special calendar and be wisely guided with this app.

Add the dose, name of the drink, and expenses to see how much you spend on alcohol in a month. Plan both your couple party alcohol game and budget for the next month!

74Quit Drinking
Staying sober is not a challenge anymore! With the Quit Drinking application for your smartphone, you will easily control your party. A sobriety counter will help you stay motivated to spend less money on alcohol and improve your physical health.

75Alcohol Check
This tool will let you know how long it will take for your body to liquidate the alcohol level. Add your parameters and the drinks you’ve had to see the result. Anyway, remember that it will not replace the real alcohol test because calculated blood alcohol content (BAC) may not match the actual indicator.
taxi rideshare apps

Taxi & Rideshare Apps

76FREE NOW (Kapten)
It is suitable for students anywhere, especially during lockdown transport restrictions. Add the FREE NOW app to your home screen and reserve a private journey.

Get a pick-up shortly and pay cash-free with the app. This app is available to use in London, Manchester, Dublin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Rome, Milano, Lisbon, Vienna, Paris, and Nice.

Cabify is a beautiful pick-up app for students who live in Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, and Spain. The best drivers are environmentally responsible and use only carbon-neutral vehicles. Add this app to explore your city with fun!

Get access to affordable rides with one tap on your smartphone! Bolt is a ready-to-use app where you can find the nearest driver in your location and reach your desired destination on time. The tool automatically recognizes your city among 150 of where Bolt is available.

Finding a car was never easier! With Uber, you can connect to the driver nearby and drop off at the place you need. All transports are clean, and all drivers are responsible for making your journey safe.

Find your ride in more than 31 countries worldwide. When you need to find an affordable vehicle, you can propose the price and wait for bids from drivers. Wait for the driver’s response and reach your destination safely!
budgeting apps

Budget Control Apps

81Money Manager
Synchronize your expenses with Money Manager on your phone! There is no need to link your bank account. The app has a great visual interface, so it’s elementary to register. You can pay for the premium version or benefit with useful free services.

82Money Lover
With the Money Lover app, you will love money even more!
Actually, this tool helps you to plan your budget wisely by seeing all the incomes and expenses transparently. Calculate your bills and payments split by categories and see how to improve your wealth.

Connect your bank account to the program and get better knowledge of your finances. See the expenses you’ve done for the concrete period and find the category you need to work on. Make the right spending choice next time by answering whether your purchase was valuable enough or not.

It is vital for students to stay in control of their budget so they can avoid overspending with Monefy.
Start with a template and customize it freely to your needs. Set budgets for spending you want to control so that you never miss essential monthly or annual payments.

Review and adjust expense categories and have all financial data in one glance!

With 1Money, you can list your recurring payments and see your financial situation clearly. Use the transaction history and graph to learn your money behavior and see how much you are able to save.

Apps for Personal Development

With Daylio, you can become a better version of yourself. Not for someone else but for yourself.

Select your mood and write about your feelings in a private journal. Also known as the morning pages, Daylio works as self-care for your feelings and emotions. Change your mindset and build your self-worth.

Listen to thousands of speakers worldwide at TED online conferences.
These popular inspiring talks are more than just lectures, but powerful experiences of true people. Choose a topic you want to learn by the subject or find something that fits your mood right now.

With this app, you can increase your time-management skills and become more conscious about your studies. Complete your schedule and write how much time you dedicate to each routine activity.

Whether you need to implement a new habit or add a spontaneous action you need to take during the day, you can add it to TimeTune.

This is an adept app among those for self-development. With Elevate, you can sharpen your brevity, memory, and estimation through writing, reading, and speaking.

By playing brain games, you will never be disappointed in your resourcefulness so you can apply your cognitive skills to real life.

This is not a reading app, yet it is helpful to organize your book list. Discover the book in the shop, campus library, or friend’s shelf by picture or ISBN, and add it to your wish list.

With Bookshelf, you will never forget to return borrowed books as well as remind your friends about the books you’ve lent them. Enter the price for bought books and track the total cost of books you’ve purchased.


Maintaining the studying process can be overwhelming, so we want our dear students to find the ways out. We hope our 90 apps from various categories can make your life and studies pain-free! All of them are great, but you can still find the best one for your needs and reach success in education and other spheres of life.

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