Frugal Living » 8 Do-It-Yourself Hollywood-Themed Party Game Ideas for Your Tween

8 Do-It-Yourself Hollywood-Themed Party Game Ideas for Your Tween

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8 Do-It-Yourself Hollywood-Themed Party Game Ideas for Your Tween

Are you planning a Hollywood themed party for your teenage son or daughter? We have eight super ideas that will help you get the party atmosphere going. All of these ideas are do-it-yourself meaning there are no high price tags but you may have to spend some time preparing beforehand. With a little prep time, your tween’s party will be unforgettable.


#1. Secret Celebrity Hunt

Materials required: luminous nametags, gold or silver envelopes, A5 paper.

Luminous nametags, available at any office supply store, will resemble VIP backstage passes and give your party a touch of class and glamour. Use these nametags as invitations that double up as ‘all-access’ passes. Ask all guests to wear black tie attire to the party, such as gowns or full-length dresses for the girls and tuxedoes or suits for the guys.

Once guests have confirmed and you have some idea about the numbers to expect, you can plan your first game – a secret celebrity hunt. When guests arrive, hand them a secret clue in a gold or silver envelope that relates to fellow partygoer. When the party starts, ask guests to open their clues and try to find the mystery person. The result? Instant mingling and a great start to your party.

#2. Pass the Statuette

Materials required:  Several Oscar-style statuettes.

The Oscar statuette is the symbol of the Academy Awards and many party supply stores sell awards that closely resemble this famous golden figure. An easy do-it-yourself game is to have guests line up in two teams and try to pass the statuette down the line without using their hands.

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In a variation on the classic game ‘Pass the Orange’, your guests will enjoy getting up close and personal while they try to hold the statuettes in place under their chins and pass them down the line. The first team to pass their golden award to the end of the line will be declared the winners.

#3. Have an Award Night

Materials required: A6-size paper, small boxes or shoeboxes.

It wouldn’t be Hollywood without awards so why not ask your guests to vote for their favorite guests? Brainstorm a few fun categories such as ‘Best Dressed’, ‘Funniest Guy’ or ‘Most Likely to be Famous’. Create signs for each category and position a small box such as a shoebox under each one.

Ask your guests to write one person’s name on a small slip of paper and drop their votes into the corresponding box. Once you tally up the results, you can declare the winner, ask them to give an acceptance speech and present them with a prize such as one of the Oscars-style awards that you used for the secret celebrity game.

#4. Roll Out the Red Carpet

Materials required: red carpet, poles, velvet rope.

Many party suppliers hire out everything you need to create your own red carpet either inside or outside your venue. Besides the actual red carpet, don’t forget the stainless steel or golden poles and red velvet rope to cordon off the area. Trying to walk the red carpet with the most style can be a fun game.

DIY Red Carpet Sanctions
? Becky Allen

Pump up the music and ask guests to strut their stuff down the carpet while everyone applauds. Once everyone has had a turn, ask the guests to cheer for their favorite and award a prize to the most popular guest with the best red carpet swagger.

#5. Celebrity Mix Up

Materials required: 20 photos of Hollywood stars, envelopes and rolls of tape.

Divide up your guests into pairs or groups and give them each a large envelope containing pictures of Hollywood stars. The twist is that you have cut up the pictures beforehand. Guests will have great fun trying to match the strips and tape together pictures of their favorite celebrities.

B101-DIY-Celebrity-Mix-Up-Game (1)

#6. Tinseltown Charades

Materials required: cards with the names of Hollywood stars.

For quieter moments, guests can play charades by choosing a random card and acting as that star. Without talking, they have to perform an action or gesture that helps others guess the identity of the mystery celeb.

#7. Star Balloon Pop

Materials required:  gold or silver balloons, yarn.

Gold or silver balloons will give your party that Hollywood feel. Beforehand, you’ll need to inflate enough balloons for each of your guests and tie around a foot of yarn onto each balloon. Each guest ties the balloon to one of their ankles and when the game begins they have to try to tread on and pop each other’s balloon. This game is intense as players are out as soon as their balloon bursts, meaning they have to protect their balloon while targeting others.

star balloon pop game

#8. Crown the Superstar

Materials required:a tiara or crown, a blindfold.

Similar to the classic game ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’, this game relies on one good-natured guest acting as the superstar. They sit on a chair in the center of the room. Other guests take turns to be blindfolded, spun around and then let loose to try and place the crown on the superstar’s head. The superstar can be the person who won an award earlier in the night.

8 Do-It-Yourself Hollywood-Themed Party Game Ideas for Your Tween


These eight simple do-it-yourself games will help you transform any tween’s Hollywood party from good to outstanding. What do you think of our tips? What did we miss? If you have recently thrown a Hollywood party, what worked for you? Let us know and leave us a comment below!

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