Frugal Living » 5 Reasons Summer is the Best Season to Move

5 Reasons Summer is the Best Season to Move

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Moving can be a stressful time in your life, but the seasons can compound that stress. While there are some challenges to moving in any season, there are also times when the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Here are 5 Great reasons why Summer is the best season to Move!

5 Reasons Summer is the Best Season to Move

The seasons are usually not something that some people consider when they are preparing to move. After all, there is so much to consider during this busy time that the season can slip your mind entirely. However, if you have the option, the summertime is by far the best time to move. Let’s take a look at five reasons summer is the best season to move.


1. School’s Out For Summer

While moving can be stressful for everyone involved, it can be even harder for kids. They might have to go to a new school and meet a new group of friends. By moving during the summer, you avoid two problems with moving. First, your kids will not need to transfer schools mid-year; they get to start fresh. Secondly, your kids will have some extra time to make new friends before school starts.

2. The Weather Is Great

There is nothing worse than moving in freezing cold rain or snow. Not only does it make long-distance moving dangerous, but it makes the loading and unloading process even more difficult. By moving during the summer, you can start in the warm morning sun and drive on safe, dry roads.

3. Help Is Available

It can be extremely helpful to hire a moving company to help safely and professionally move the contents of your home. During the summer months, teens are looking to make extra money and you can hire extra help from high school graduates and college students, meaning that there are far more workers ready to save you the hassle of moving every box and piece of furniture. If you’re on a really limited moving budget, rather than using a moving company, you can hire some local kids to help with lifting.

4. It’s Selling Season

Any time you are moving from your home or apartment, it is a great idea to sell some of the things that are not important enough to make the journey with you. The summer months are perfect for having yard sales. The nice weather will make people far more likely to stop at your sale, letting you offload some items and make some money.

5. Meet The Neighbors

The summer months are filled with ways for you to introduce yourselves to the neighbors. You can invite them over for a barbecue or swim in the new pool. It is much better to introduce yourself with ice-cold lemonade rather than with a fruitcake for the holiday season.

There are many reasons that summer is the best time to move. The convenience for the kids, good weather, and the ability to make smooth transitions in your life make summer perfect for moving into the next big step in your life.

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