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Five Reasons to Go Tent Camping This Summer

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Five Reasons To Go Tent Camping This Summer

Every day you hustle and hurry to battle traffic, get ahead in your career and make a name for yourself. There’s more to life than just working. Tent camping is a great way to break away from your everyday routine, bond with your family and relax. Here are 5 Fabulous Reasons you should go Tent camping this summer!


Most live in or around a large city, which makes life more convenient and exciting. There are endless opportunities for jobs nearby shopping, entertainment, and schools, drawing even more people in.

Along with all of those opportunities are some downfalls, however, like noise and air pollution, crime, over-crowding and horrific traffic. Escaping from life in the city is imperative for your physical, emotional and mental health. The best way to do that is to pack up and head out into the wilderness with a tent, sleeping bags, and supplies for a few days. You and everyone around you will benefit.

Fresh Air

When’s the last time you stepped outside and took a truly deep breath of fresh, clean air? If you’ve been living in the city for a long time, odds are, you rarely leave its confines. You hardly notice the noxious odors coming from every building and vehicle around. When you’re out in nature, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that there’s no exhaust fumes and no industrial chemical odors.

Instead, the smell of the trees, decomposing leaf litter, and soil become more prevalent. If you’re near a lake or the ocean, the smell of the water will waft over you when the breeze blows. For the first time possibly in years, you can actually take a long, deep breath without choking on the fumes of the city.


Peace & Quiet

The city never sleeps and it can be difficult to find any form of peace or quiet. There is a constant hum of activity nearly every minute of the day and night. People are always moving about, cars continually roll by, sirens blast up and down the streets, and industrial noises permeate the city in the background.

When you’re out in a campground or forest, all of those city sounds disappear and the world becomes peaceful and quiet. You’ll actually hear the wind through the trees, birds singing, frogs croaking and wild critters scurrying about. Sure, you may hear some human sounds, but campers are generally happy-go-lucky and laugh more often than not.

Simplified Living

Most are completely wrapped up in making their lives more complex than they have to be. When people take on careers that are demanding and stressful, they put themselves into deep debt to keep up with others and try too hard to be social butterflies.

When you’re staying in a tent, even for a few days, you begin to realize how simple life can really be. Your biggest concerns might be gathering enough firewood to last the night, making sure there’s ice to keep your beverages cold, and keeping the mosquitoes away.

The stresses you experience on a daily basis seem a million miles away as you watch an amazing sunset, gaze upon the starry sky, and take in all the natural beauty that surrounds you at the moment.


Bonding Time

Personal relationships suffer when there’s not enough time put into nurturing them and city life makes that nearly impossible. Tent camping, however, makes you slow down and focus on what truly matters. Most often, you won’t have access to the internet, television, video games and other modern distractions.

Instead, you’ll be able to spend precious quality time with the ones you love, without competing for their attention. Long conversations around the campfire help you get to know one another on a more intimate level and reinforces your bonds. Because you’re more relaxed, you’re less likely to have conflicts and arguments, and instead, you’re able to focus on the good things.

It Will Rejuvenate You

If you’re like most people, you spend most of your waking hours getting ready for work, commuting to work, working and then commuting home again. It’s how you pay your bills and keep your cupboards and fridge full of food for the family. The problem is that if you don’t step away from your work on occasion, it wears on your body, mind, and emotions to the point where you’re no longer effective.

When you go out camping, you give yourself a chance to take a real break and your mind a chance to rest and recover from all that stress. When you finally do return to work, you’ll feel more energized and ready to take on the challenges in front of you without hesitation.

It’s Inexpensive

How long has it been since you’ve been out camping in a tent? If you can’t remember or if you’ve never done it, now is a great time to start. You don’t need an expensive, fancy tent, or a bunch of crazy equipment.

You don’t even need a sleeping bag; blankets and pillows work just fine. Keep it basic and only take along the things that you truly need and leave your devices, games and other gadgets at home. Here’s a complete guide to camping on a budget including how to find free campsites.

You’ll find that once you get out there and truly experience camping this way, you’ll be a more relaxed, happier person.

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  1. Tent camping should be the best way to relax and enjoy the great things of Nature that God has provided for us and it makes us more healthy.


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