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10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Christmas Dinner

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10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner can be a costly affair, especially when extended family members are invited. The rising cost of food, drink and household goods is putting a huge strain on the average shopping budget, causing many families to seek out cost-cutting options and cheaper alternatives to their usual brands.


Christmas dinner is one of the most expensive meals for most families, which makes money-saving options even more important. Fortunately, there are ways to cut the cost of Christmas dinner.

Online Shopping

Online supermarkets allow users to compare products and browse special offers from the comfort of their own homes, making it easier to find the best deals on food and alcohol. Many supermarkets also send out special money-off vouchers and discount codes to customers on their mailing list. In addition, the cost of a supermarket delivery is often less than the cost of traveling to the local store.

Loyalty Points

Some supermarkets offer loyalty schemes that allow customers to earn points on their shopping. Loyalty points can then be exchanged for vouchers to use in-store. Some supermarkets also run special schemes that allow customers to double the value of their loyalty points by exchanging them for vouchers to use elsewhere. Cashing in loyalty points is a simple way to help pay for Christmas dinner.

Discount Websites

Discount websites offer a wide range of discount codes and vouchers to use at supermarkets, food stores and alcohol outlets, both online and in-store. Find the best deals by signing up for the mailing lists of the most popular discount websites, such as Groupon, RetailMeNot, LivingSocial, and Rakuten.

Cashback Websites

Cashback websites allow users to earn cash and rewards on their purchases. Reputable cashback sites, like TopCashback and Rakuten, offer competitive rewards for shopping at popular stores. Once the cashback or rewards reach a predetermined threshold, users can request payment by PayPal or bank transfer.

Comparison Websites

Comparison websites enable users to find the best deal on individual products, such as food, alcohol and household items. Some comparison websites allow users to type in their whole shopping list to find out which supermarket offers the lowest total price. While these websites provide useful information on current prices, the information is not always accurate, so it’s important to double-check the prices with individual companies before making a purchase.

Buy in Advance

Products like turkey, alcohol, and boxes of chocolate are in high demand at Christmas, which means that the price of these items will often rise during the Christmas period. Buying non-perishable items in advance is usually much cheaper than waiting until December. Some perishable items can also be bought and frozen in advance.

Buy in Bulk

Supermarkets and alcohol stores sometimes offer significant discounts for buying in bulk, along with plenty of Buy One Get One Free offer on a variety of food and drink. Trade warehouses and online bulk sellers provide further discounts, although there may be a minimum spend. Splitting the cost of bulk items with friends and family members is a great way to save money.

Late Shopping

Shopping late on Christmas Eve can bring huge discounts, as supermarkets often slash the cost of Christmas-related goods. Perishable goods, in particular, can often be purchased for a fraction of the usual cost. However, many items sell out before the end of the day, so late shopping is usually best for non-essential items.

Split the Cost

Hosting Christmas dinner for a large or extended family can be costly and time-consuming. Asking guests to add a little money to the Christmas dinner kitty can relieve the financial strain.

Alternatively, save money, time and effort by asking guests to each bring a particular part of the dinner (e.g. potatoes, gravy or wine) in a potluck style dinner.

Postpone Christmas

Once Christmas is over, supermarkets and alcohol stores slash the cost of most Christmas goods, leading to huge discounts and great bargains for customers. Postponing Christmas dinner for a few days can drastically cut the cost for most families.

Cutting the cost of Christmas dinner helps families to enjoy the festive season without getting into debt. Most families can significantly reduce the cost of food and drink by making a few small changes to the way they shop.

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  1. To save on your Christmas turkey, buy 2 or 3 around Thanksgiving when they usually are on sale. Freeze them and you have 1 less thing to buy.


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