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25 Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

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Do you have a bedroom that has been neglected for years? Or is your current room just feeling a bit too old and drab to live in anymore? Whether the answer is yes or no, you’re going to love these 25 creative ways to spruce up your bedroom with inexpensive ideas.

25 Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Bedroom on a Budget

Change is good, and we strive for progress. Your home should be inspiring and rejuvenating, but it can seem like a dream that is never achieved with such an expensive economy.

However, there are many ways to give your home a new look without having to empty your wallet! So, if you’re considering making some changes in the bedroom, don’t worry about spending too much – we’ve collected some great ideas and tips for you.

1 Apply a fresh coat of paint

Paint is the single most effective way to completely transform a room for the least amount of money. One of the simplest ways to give your room an instant facelift is painting it. Whether you go for solids or patterns , choosing the right color can help give walls personality.

Not sure which hue to choose? Remember that lighter colors will open up the space, while darker hues will close it in. If your room seems too dark, try lighter colors on the walls and darker ones on the trim.

choose color wisely

2 Add layers of texture

Add depth and interest by layering different textures – one way to do this is by adding faux fur cushion covers onto existing fabrics. Then, add matching cushions to the mix for a pick-me-up of color.

Another option is to texturize an accent wall with a faux finish.

faux finish textured wall

3 Add an area rug

A simple, inexpensive solution to instantly update your bedroom is with an area rug. You can use one on top of your carpet or hardwood floors.

An area rug is also great because it adds more warmth to the room and helps define defined areas in the space like the bed, couch, sitting area, or even a cozy corner for reading. Area rugs can cost anywhere from under $10 to over $500 depending on size and material, making them one of the most affordable ways to make a dramatic difference in any room.

add area rug

4 Use rustic furniture to your advantage

Rustic is in style, and it’s here to stay, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay an arm and a leg for pre-aged wood or dark metal. Instead, you’ll find suitable furniture at local thrift stores, which are surprisingly cheap. In addition, their worn appearance adds instant character without the need for any additional decorations.

Create the look of reclaimed barn boards using a sheet of luann covered with distressed wood plank peel and stick wallpaper.

rustic bedroom

5 Make do with what you already have

If money’s tight, look around your home for pieces that you could reuse before buying something new! For example, a coffee table made from old crates is a great idea, or cover an old coffee table with painted tiles for added texture.

bedroom crate shelves

6 Think vertically

One way to make use of all the space in your room while keeping things stylish and modern is to think vertically – you can achieve this by adding floating shelves on either side of your bed or along one wall.

floating shelves

7 Do it yourself

DIY projects are trendy at the moment, so you’ll definitely not be alone if you decide to pick up a paintbrush and work on your bedroom. Use bright colors like red, yellow, or pink to really bring out the personality in your room – they’re easy to match with accessories too!

feature wall

8 Incorporate lights into every corner

Lighting is crucial in any room – you can use dimmer switches to create an ambiance that’s perfect for winding down at the end of a long day. New types of lighting like LED strip lights are energy-efficient and incredibly cheap to run, so they’re the smart choice if you want to save money on your electricity bills.

romantic pendant lighting

9 Add some contrast

Contrast colors by incorporating two shades into your design scheme; this makes colors appear brighter and more vibrant!

✔️ For example, use blue as one shade and yellow for pillows, curtains, or bedding.

use contrast colors
✔️ Accent a piece of furniture with a color that contrasts with the existing room, or paint one wall a different shade.

contrast colors
✔️ Buying a lamp in a bold color is another way to add contrast without painting, and it’s perfect for adding light to the space.


10 Re-purpose furniture

Reusing old, unwanted pieces of furniture is good for the environment and doesn’t cost anything!

Instead of buying brand new nightstands for either side of your bed, take a trip to your local thrift store and find some old nightstands in good condition.

Next, make sure they are the same height as your bed so when you place them on either side, they won’t cause an awkward bump in the middle of your bed. Finally, paint them a fun color to add some spice to your bedroom!

chalk paint nightstands
DIY Chalk Paint Nightstands

1 A nightstand can be made from a file cabinet or dresser
2 A library ladder, which might have been used for years to reach high shelves, can become a set of shelves in a bedroom for books and other display items.
3 A small dining room table that is no longer needed can be re-purposed as a desk.

unique nightstand

11 Check the clearance section for a deal

If you’re looking for small furniture or accessories, check your local shopping mall’s clearance section first – you’ll be surprised by just how many bargains you can find there!

clearance sales

12 Keep it neutral

Neutral colors are fabulous! They will go with anything, and you don’t have to spend hours agonizing over the perfect color scheme. All of them work well together.

neutral color scheme

13 Create architectural interest

Adding room dividers is an inexpensive way of giving your room a touch of style while creating privacy and architectural interest. Rope and vines are an interesting choice!

bedroom divider

14 Make a feature wall

A bold wallpaper design will instantly transform your bedroom, plus they’re very inexpensive to buy and easy to install. Perfect if you don’t have the budget for a complete re-design.

feature wall

15 Add drama with lighting

Lighting is an easy way to add drama, romance, or seclusion to any room in your house! Simply use dimmer switches to create different atmospheres from bright and lively to dark and mysterious.

Open blinds are perfect for letting natural light flow into any room – but never place furniture so it’s blocking direct sunlight from entering through the window. It’s important to let heat and light in for a pleasant atmosphere.

Please do be careful when choosing lights, imagine how they’ll appear in the space provided. There have been some unfortunate choices made in the past.

16 Add little luxuries

Incorporating stylish, inspiring accessories is a great way to really bring your bedroom design together – from candles and cushions to soft throws for extra warmth.

neutral color scheme accent pieces

17 Use soft furnishings sparingly

Soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and rugs can be expensive – plus, they’re a magnet for dust and dirt! So only use them as accents or to cover up shabby, old furniture.

18 Hang wallpaper behind the bed

Putting wallpaper on the wall behind or above your bed is a great way to add interest and color – plus, it can make a small room look bigger. But, make sure you choose a style that’s not too fussy, so it doesn’t distract from the main focus of the design – everything else in your bedroom!

wallpaper behind bed

19 Use lighting with personality

LED strip lights are cheap to run but stylish enough to transform even an ugly corner into something spectacular. They’re easy to hide around door frames, under cabinets, or along cupboard tops where they shine a light down onto the surfaces below.

20 Think about safety

If you’re redecorating a childs room, ensure the dresser is secured to the wall to avoid tipping.

21 Go monochrome

Monochrome designs are easy to achieve, and they look expensive without costing any money – plus, you can make them as creative as you want by using different shades of one color!

monochrome bedroom

22 Match wicker furniture with wood

If you’re on a budget but still want some comfy bedroom furniture, then why not consider buying wicker pieces? They look chic while creating an organic feel – perfect if you like based themes.

wicker furniture

23 Think about size

For small bedrooms, consider getting rid of your bed and using futons or recliner chairs instead – they’re much smaller and easier to squeeze into a tiny room.

Another way to make a small bedroom seem larger is by hanging light, airy curtains on the walls instead of heavy drapes.

If you have a long and narrow room, you should place your bed against one sidewall and add dressers or other furniture along the other side. This placement will help separate the sleeping area from the walkway in front of it.

Finally, if you have a large room, try positioning the bed in a corner to make use out of two walls rather than just one.

bedroom futon

24 Look for hidden storage

If you want to make the best use of space in your bedroom, look no further than creating built-in storage solutions like shelves or cabinets – plus, these can be decorated with inspiring accessories to really show off your personality.

hidden storage

25 Make the most of little extras

Look out for inspiring home, and garden shows near you and think about adding extra touches like hanging plants, colorful vases, and inspiring wall art. With everything from budget lighting to inspiring mirrors, there’s something here that will suit every budget available.

simple decor

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