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25 tips and tricks to get the most out of your wardrobe

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Getting dressed can sometimes be a taxing exercise. You want to look good but don’t know what to wear, and your closet full of clothes is beckoning you into itself.

You fear if you walk in, you may never find your way out! A colorful t-shirt or cami like these on the Amazon always saves the day if paired with jeans or tucked into a skirt. You can throw a scarf over your shoulders or put on a sleek jacket to compliment the look. Trendy shoes or brightly colored sneakers will liven it up.

25 tips and tricks to get the most out of your wardrobe

A few simple statement pieces can work their magic to take a look from plain to chic very quickly – keep reading, and we will tell you more.

1 Declutter your closet

This wardrobe tip is for the people who have a full closet but tend to wear the same items repeatedly. The thought of looking for something different in your menacing, full closet is too daunting to entertain.

Perhaps, give yourself a day to go through all your clothes, separate them into piles based on what you want to give away or what you want to keep. Once you know what’s in your closet for sure, it makes it easier to style yourself.

declutter wardobe

2 Establish your signature style

We tend to buy a lot of what we like, and not necessarily what fits best. As a result, we wear some items more than others. Make life simpler by sticking to clothes that work with your body type, skin tone, and style. Make sure it’s stuff you feel confident in too.

reimagined clothing25 wardobe tips n tricks

3 Accessorize

If your closet isn’t so full, you can make outfits look different or lift a whole outfit with the right accessories. Try layering necklaces, wearing statement earrings, or carrying a unique purse. Even the right lipstick will change everything.

accessorize earrings jewelry

4 Re-imagine your outfits

If you have a shirt you love but are afraid it may make you look frumpy, try tying a knot at the front when you wear it next. Another way to re-imagine your outfit would be to wear fishnet tights under your ripped jeans to make them look different and jazzier. Also, you could wear a sweater over a dress to make it look like a skirt. Simple changes like this will easily revamp your outfits and style.

5 Wear tights

Tights work best to ensure you wear your summer clothes all year round. So those embellished shorts and short dresses you love so much aren’t only for summer nights. Wear tights under them and viola; you can now wear them when it’s nippy.

wear tights

6 Write down your outfits

This helpful trick works if journaling is your thing. Write down the pieces you wore and how they made you feel; this will also help figure out your signature style if you don’t know it yet.

There are excellent apps that you can also try. At least you will have a visual when you need to revisit some looks. Some of the apps even suggest how to pair different clothing items to come up with different outfits. Quite nifty.

7 Layer your clothes

If you have a bustier or corset, wear it over a button-down shirt to create a chic look. Take a look at the image below.

bustier corset
Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

8 Mix your prints and patterns

Don’t be scared to mix prints and patterns, as it will give you an edgy, stylish look. The trick is not to mix two small prints, rather a small and big one or two medium-sized ones. Be adventurous – play around with them till you find something that works for you.

mix prints patterns

9 Add a pop of color

You can do this with colorful shoes or accessories or a contrasting color jacket.

add a pop of color

10 Multipurpose your scarf

Use your scarf as a headwrap to lift your whole outfit or for a bad hair day.


11 Cuff your jeans

Cuffing the bottom of your jeans will show off your sexy shoes and make you look stylish all in one.

jean cuffs

12 Master tucking in

Tucking in a t-shirt into a high-waisted skirt or shorts can give you a sleek look. Sometimes, even just tucking in the front of a shirt or just a part of it creates a look with a whole different vibe.

t shirt tucked high waisted skirt

13 Coordinate your closet

Hang dresses on their own, shirts on their own, and jackets on their own – whatever order you choose, group your clothes in that way. Doing so will make it faster for you to pull out something to wear.

14 ‘Hide’ the clothes you’ve worn

It’s not as sinister as it sounds – put the clothes you’ve worn further into the closet, so you don’t keep wearing them repeatedly. Alternatively, hang them inside out if you’re not putting them in the wash yet, so you know you’ve worn them.


15 Wear all your clothes

Don’t save specific items for special occasions – rock them whenever you feel like it! Wear that tailored jacket to brunch or those pearls to a date night – style them right and remember – wear your confidence too. You look good!

16 Color-code your days

Color coding days of the week is a great way to force you to wear some of those hidden items in your closet. For example, if Monday is grey day, you will obviously not want to wear the same blouse you wore last week, so you’ll make more effort to look for something else that’s grey in your wardrobe.

color coordinate your days

17 Use online fashion magazines for inspiration – not for shopping

Fashion magazines or sites like Pinterest will show you the latest trends, so they will guide you on what to mix and match. If you don’t have something from the look you’re trying to achieve, it will be easier and cheaper to go out and look for one thing rather than an entire outfit.

18 Make your clothes multi-taskers

If you own a long trench coat or a long button-down blazer, you can switch it up and wear it as a dress instead – add a nice belt and pretty heels, and voila! You can also wear your maxi skirt as a strapless dress.

19 Repurpose old items

YouTube has some great videos to show you how to repurpose or upcycle some of your old items. For example, you can turn your old jeans into shorts, or sew in wide-legged bottoms into skinnies, or cut some leggings and wear them as a long-sleeved crop top.

20 Borrow some pieces

If you can’t find the perfect shirt for your pleated skirt or the right color sweater or accessories, borrow. Your partner or your sister probably has something you’ve had your eye on for so long, so find something in your wardrobe that you can wear with that borrowed item.

21 Add a bit of flair to your dresses

Some dresses may have looked so good on the mannequin, and you bought them, but the look didn’t turn out so well. Add a puffy petticoat underneath, and you’ll have yourself a lovely flared frock.

add a petticoat

22 Add color to faded pieces

Sometimes you have that tank top you love so much, but instead of being black all around, it now has patches of gray from fading. Try some fabric paint to give it a new lease of life. Tie-dye some t-shirts or scarves. Again, there are video tutorials out there.

add color to wardrobe Photoby Elena Mozhviloon Unsplash
Photo by Elena Mozhviloon Unsplash

23 Bedazzle, bedazzle, bedazzle

Glitter, beads, sequins, you name it – add some to your jeans, tops, skirts – whatever you want to glam up a bit. Of course, you could create a whole new look altogether.

bedazzle 25 wardrobe tips n tricks

24 Keep it simple with a uniform

If you are one of those who like to keep it simple by wearing jeans and plain t-shirts, for example – let this be your uniform. The best way to create different looks will be your shoes and accessories.

Chunky jewelry, layered neck chains, various scarves worn in different ways, heels in multiple colors and styles, blazers and cardigans in other prints- they will all work wonders for you.

It may be the same pair of black skinnies and a white tee you wear on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, but no one will recognize it if you jazz it up this way.

black skinny pants

25 Sell, give away, or donate

Some items in your closet may be too small, no longer as flattering, or just non-inspirational. Take these and call your friends to do the same and gather for a swap party. Whatever is leftover can be sold for a bit of cash to get yourself one expensive piece or different accessories. It would be great if you can also donate some clothes to the charities around you.

donate clothing 25 wardobe tips n tricks


You probably own a lot of good pieces in your wardrobe. Take some time to go through everything; mix and match various items until you develop new outfits that suit your style and physique. Take selfies, if you may, so that you’ll remember what worked best. There are apps you can also download to help you with the outfit matching exercise. Try it, and you’ll probably not need to go shopping for another six months.

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