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Romantic Ways to Cool Down This Summer

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Usually, when you think of romance, you think of heating things up. In the middle of summer, though, most people can only think of staying cool. What better way to do that than with the one you love? Crank up the romance factor while chilling out this summer with these fresh ideas for ways to cool down.


Romantic Ways to Cool Down This Summer

Get Nekked.

Go skinny dipping. You don’t have actually to go naked, but finding the nearest lake and diving in with your sweetheart is a sure way to cool down. No lake around? Not a problem. Hit the local pool instead, preferably during off hours.


Be Sweet

Make a banana split together. A sure sign that summer is here is a giant banana split. Grab all the fixings and sit down to create a masterpiece with your honey. Make it with extra sprinkles on top and then eat your work of art together.


Just Chill.

Play with ice cubes. Grab an ice cube and write a special message on your special someone’s back. Have them guess what you wrote and then return the favor. You can also try crushing an ice cube in your mouth and then kiss with extra cool lips.

Dessert Picnic

Wait until it’s night time (and considerably cooler outside!) and spread a blanket out on the lawn to watch the stars together. Take it a step further by bringing a bottle of wine and some fresh fruit for a romantic dessert under the stars.

Enjoy some Screen Time

Head to the movies. Movie theaters are air-conditioned, so they’re the perfect place to stay cool and entertain yourselves. Pick a romantic film and make it a date.


Think Winter

Have a snowball fight. Head to the local skating rink and look out back. These facilities often pile all the scraped ice back there, and it works just like snow. You can have a snowball fight in the middle of the summer heat.


Go for a brunch picnic bike ride before the heat of the day sets in. Bring a picnic blanket, some fresh bread, and have mimosas together.


Get Crafty

Make ice jewelry. Buy some of the ice that comes with holes in the middle, then thread them onto a string. Tie the cooling strands around each other’s necks, arms, etc. to keep the heat at bay.

Think like a kid

Get silly in the pool. Grab a kid’s blow up pool and fill it with cold water. Then jump in with that special someone and have fun splashing each other and acting immature for your age. If you don’t have a pool, you could do this in the tub.


Create a cooling tent.

Soak a bed sheet in water and hang it on a clothesline, pulling the ends apart and putting heavy rocks on them, so the sheet forms a damp tent. Lie together under the canopy and turn on a fan at your feet to keep cold air flowing.

Go Tubing

Tube down a River. Grab a six-pack of your favorite beer, jump into a tube together and have a blast as the water carries you downstream.


Romance doesn’t have to be serious. Have fun and be creative as you look for ways to escape the heat together. Summer could be the best time of year for you as a couple.

What are your favorite Romantic ways to beat the heat?

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