NCHS Tornado too close to home

Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

We live in an area that is prone to both Tornadoes and Hurricanes, so when we received tornado warnings last night, we did was we always do, we went about our evening as though nothing was amiss.  The winds were severe about 10 pm, and I sourly bitched to my other half that I wasn’t looking forward to retrieving my patio furnishings from the neighborhood in the morning.

Tornado Too Close to Home

Imagine my surprise though, when we discovered in the morning that the high school just a couple miles from our house, the one that both our sons graduated from not too long ago, got nailed with an EF-2 tornado with winds at 130 MPH. The damage you’re about to see occurred literally within 1 Minute.

Like most of our community, we headed to the school to assess the damage and see for ourselves the devastation and what lies ahead. This fellow is the schools’ mascot, it’s amazing the Knight is still standing.Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

He’s still guarding the front door… amidst the debris.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

The AC and roofing didn’t fare so well here…
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

Neither did the covered walkways that protect the students from the elements between the buildings.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

This used to be the drama room . . . not much left of it.. and the English department didn’t fare well either.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

just… wow.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

disheartening to say the least.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

The buses didn’t fare well either, you can see a number of them have smashed windshields, crushed from the top from various falling objects. We counted at least 8 that are out of commission, but it’s hard to see the real extent of the damage due to the protective barriers put up by local police, fire, and rescue.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

28 of the 30 buses on the lot were damaged. Six have extensive damage and four were totaled.
Source: Wach57

Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

This (was) the sports field bleachers for football, track, and field. Unfortunately, the box area was completely torn apart and lay in shambles in pieces around the field.
Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020

This field, these bleachers is… well, WAS where graduations were held. Here’s a shot of our sons graduating class entering the field for commencement. Hard to believe the bleachers that I was standing on in that photo are demolished from a one-minute storm.

EF-2 Tornado NCHS Kershaw SC

Another view of the concrete bleachers that have been destroyed.

and a third view…

This fencing was around the sports field, in many areas it looked like it was simply plucked out of the ground, like a child picking dandelions.

Luckily, the tornado struck overnight and on the weekend, so the school was empty and no injuries were reported. We’re waiting to see where all the kids will be going to school for the rest of the year.

Right now it is rumored that they will be bused to an old vacant vocational building, but the kids and teachers are in dire need of basic supplies (list provided below)

In the past, we’ve gotten so accustomed to the storm warnings that we stopped heeding them, from now on, we will definitely take them more seriously!! It’s unnerving to see the damage that occurred in literally one minute’s time.

~Liss & Family

Video Footage from the Top

Budget101 NCHS Tornado 2020
Image Source The State

Want to Help? Supplies Needed

If you would like to donate supplies, Camden Middle School will begin collecting items from Jan. 15-31.

Items needed for North Central High School

Kleenex, hand sanitizer, notebook paper, graphing paper, and copy paper
pencils, pencil sharpeners and erasers
highlighters, Expo markers, and Expo erasers
scissors, Scotch tape, and Post-It notes
glue sticks, pens, 3 ring binders, white-out, and staplers
Clorox wipes, book bags, file folders, paper clips, and tissue

Items can be shipped to:
Camden Middle School
Budget101 NCHS Supply Drive
902 McRae Rd, Camden, SC 29020

(Source of List)

Additional Video Footage courtesy of WLTX19

UPDATE 1/14/2020 : NCHS is Expected to be Closed for 1.5 Years

Students will be moved to an older vocational building, also known as the Atec building.

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