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My Pillow

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Several months ago we were growing ever frustrated with our flattened pillows, waking frequently throughout the night, neck and shoulders throbbing. I started researching pillows, the bamboo pillows, the MyPillow and they all sounded great, so after one particularly crappy night when I literally couldn’t turn my head in the morning, I broke down and spent the $55 on the MyPillow. Actually, I spent $110, because I bought two, one for me and one for my spouse.

When it arrived it was flat as a crepe, packed in a tiny little package rolled into a tight little roll. The instructions said to put it in the dryer for 15 minutes to “fluff” the material. I put it in for 15 minutes, took it out, it was about half the size of a small couch pillow. I put it in for another 15 minutes and when I took it out, it was mildly fluffed up.

Then we tested it, headed off to bed and woke about 2 am to a completely flat pillow, I shook it out and went back to bed. I made it 3 days before I got so mad I nearly set it on fire. $55 for a Pillow that arrived flat, never really fluffed, was supposed to be King Sized and had very little filling. I gave in, I shipped it right back to Amazon, in an 8.5″ x 11″ x 2″ box.


The “Pillow” was literally a few cups of shredded memory foam stuffed into an over-sized pillowcase. So I decided to order a memory foam Twin XL mattress topper for less than $15, shredded it with a pair of scissors until each piece was about the size of a quarter (very cathartic!) and stuffed the material into a pillowcase, zipped it up and VOILA!


I now have two well-stuffed pillows that don’t go flat at night, and cost less than 1/4 of the price of ONE MyPillow.

Lesson Learned.


The best part is, after making 2 pillows, I still had enough have memory foam to reupholster my office chair (which badly needed some new padding!)

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5 thoughts on “My Pillow”

  1. Thank you for telling us about this pillow . I had promised myself if I did’t get one for Christmas I was going to order one or two. I didn’t get one for Christmas so I was about to order When I saw it on the news.

    And now your post. I guess I’ll be making my pillow.

  2. FYI – instead of scissors, an electric knife cuts thru foam like butter! My Pillow has a 60 day guarantee. I hope you sent it back.

    We love ours, it’s never been flat, even when it came out of the packaging.

  3. I had a memory foam mattress topper that somehow tore in multiple spots which rendered it unusable for its original intended purpose so I thought that I could make my own ‘my pillow.’ I was gifted a ‘my pillow’ a year ago and thought it would be easy to cut part of the topper into small pieces and stuff them into a gutted other pillow. It was alright, it felt a lot like an actual memory foam pillow like my brother purchased a long time ago and nothing really like the ‘my pillow.’ I surmised that the ‘my pillow’ is a mixture of memory and regular foam. Going to get ahold of some regular foam to cut up to exchange for some of the memory foam in my homemade pillow to see if it improves


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