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Saving on Bagged Veggies

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We’re all trying to save money, here’s a tip for those of you that prefer to purchased bagged salad, lettuce or greens.
When purchasing pre-washed salad, green or lettuce blends, always be sure to choose the flattest bag possible. If you must, reach behind the bags in the front to the most recently stocked bags.



As the greens are bagged, nearly all of the air is removed. The bags expand with natural gases as they age, making the bag puffier the older they get.

For the freshest greens possible, be sure to choose the flattest bag, as an added bonus, the fresher the greens, the higher the nutrient content they contain and also the longer they’ll last in your own fridge as well.

To keep your greens fresher longer once they’ve been opened, add a dry clean papertowel that has been folded into quarters. This will absorb excess moisture, preventing the salad from wilting prematurely.

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