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Dirt Cheap Tissue Refills

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If your home (classroom or office!) tends to go through a slew of tissues, here’s a simple dirt cheap trick for saving some money!

Cut the bottom of a box of tissues and insert a roll of soft toilet paper in place. Alternatively, you can leave one end flap and then tape or hot glue it back into place. Feed the toilet tissue through the hole, seal the bottom with a small piece of tape and you have an instant refilled box of tissues!

Toilet paper lasts twice as long as a single box of tissue and costs only 15-30¢ per roll. Of course, if you’re brand loyal and have to have certain types, it will cost you more.

Dollar General Soft Toilet tissue is $6.50 for 24 rolls, which equals 27¢ per roll. For comparison, Dollar General facial tissues are $2.50 per 3 pack, which equals 83¢ per box of 100 tissues.


Considerable savings!

The prices shared are based on normal prices. It would be considerably cheaper if you clipped coupons for Toilet paper. We used Dollar General as an example because almost every area has a dollar store within a few miles of them.

You can even purchase Name Brand on Amazon(with free Prime shipping) for only .29 a roll. dirt-cheap-tissue-refills

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