Frugal Living » Diaper Expense ruining your budget? Here’s help

Diaper Expense ruining your budget? Here’s help

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As any family with little ones at home can attest too, the expense of diapers can quickly eat up a large part of the family budget! There are several different ways to greatly reduce your expenses, here’s how…

Diapers can be purchased online through various sites, including Amazon Mom. The key to purchasing diapers online is to watch for the sales and the release of new coupons which can drop the price of the diapers to as little as .08 each. Search the size diaper you need, then select the “Clip this Coupon” for the $2-5 off coupon, depending on the brand, which drops the price to .08-.16 cents each (depending on the size). The shipping is free with prime, and Amazon offers a program for parents called Amazon Moms. As an Amazon Mom member, you automatically receive 20% off ALL diaper brands

Here’s how it works:
1. Sign up for Amazon Mom (Signup Link Here)
2. Signed up? Great, you’re automatically qualified for 15% off.
3. Look at the Diapers that are available: See diapers here
4. To get an additional 5% off select “Subscribe & Save” at checkout. (You’ll pay for 2+ deliveries up front, but will save substantially over the course of the year!)

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers– There has been a recent spike in the use of cloth diapers. With new brands coming out and fancy snaps and velcro replacing the old safety pin, using cloth diapers are much more convenient. Environmentally conscious mom’s swear by them. But are cloth diapers really saving you money? Read More Here

Also, be aware that there is a large network known as the Nation Diaper Bank Network that distributes free diapers to families in need in your area. They are each individually operated. To find out if there is a local chapter in your area (or to start a local chapter in your area!) visit The National Diaper Bank Network and type in your state to look for resources and diaper banks in your area. If you’re not in need of help from a local chapter, consider making a donation instead!

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