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20+ Unexpected Uses for Nail Polish

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Do you always seem to have a few bottles of nail polish lying around? Here are a few unexpected uses for polish that you might not have ever considered!

1. Color Coding items: Do you have lots of keys to various doors in your home or office and need a way to tell them apart quickly and easily? “Paint” the tops of the keys with different colors of nail polish, let them dry.

2. Smudge Proof Labels– oftentimes we make homemade labels for various things including spice jar, gift mixes and such. To prevent the label from smudging, coat it with a layer of clear fingernail polish. This is a great way to make homemade labels for the garden as well and keep them from washing away!

3. Stocking Runs– if you have a tendency to wear nylon stockings to work (or school) you know how frustrating it is to discover a run! Simple add a drop of clear nail polish to the ends of the runs, stopping them from getting any larger!

4. Envelope Sealer- if you have an older envelope that just wont stick, a quick swipe with some clear nail polish will give it the perfect amount of hold to reach your intended recipient!

5. Threading a Needle- if the thread just won’t pass through, lightly dip the very end of the thread into some polish, wipe of the excess and it’ll slip right through.

6. Costume Jewelry– Inexpensive costume jewelry can be fun to wear, until it turns your finger or wrist green! Coat the inside of cheap jewelry with clear polish and avoid that grungy green tint!

7. Unraveled Laces– if your shoe laces have a tendency to fray at the ends, you can seal them and prevent them from unraveling by adding a simple dab of your favorite polish.

8. Prevent Loose Screws– if you’re DIY project needs just a little extra hold, thoroughly coat the screw with nail polish before screwing it in. Once it dries, that sucker isn’t coming back out without some serious effort!

9. Waterproof Matches– if you’re heading out boating or camping and need to bring along some matches you can coat them with a dab of clear nail polish to waterproof them quickly.

10. Glam your Pumps!Paint the sole of your high heels to give them new life with a fresh new glamorous look! If you only wear shoes and sneakers- you can use clear polish to seal the sides and prevent scuff marks from appearing on the shoe.

11. Rust Proof Items– do you have a can of shaving cream setting on the edge of the tub or sink that’s starting to leave a rust ring?? Simply apply a coating of nail polish to the metal ring on the bottom of the can when you first bring it home and you’ll save yourself hours of scrubbing.

12. Marking thermostat Dials & Showers– Do you have a shower faucet handle that’s difficult to find the perfect temperature? Once you’ve found it, mark the spot with a dab of polish so you’ll always be able to quickly turn it on to the same position.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Invisible Bandaid– in a pinch clear polish can be used to create a protective coating over small cuts

  • Wart Remover– it’s been said that applying a coating of clear nail polish over a wart twice daily for 10 days will smother it to death and make it fall off.

  • Glow in the Dark: Make the buttons of your remote control glow in the dark by applying a coating of glow in the dark nail polish to each button.

  • Add Sheen: To prevent your belt buckle from oxidizing, apply a layer of clear nail polish.

  • Avoiding Golf Ball Confusion– a simple dab of your favorite color on your golf ball will prevent many arguments over which ball belongs to whom!

  • Car Paint Repair– hide minor scratches with the same shade of nail polish

  • Secure Buttons– to prevent buttons from coming loose from your shirt, apply a dab of clear nail polish

  • Ringworm Cure– apply a coat of clear nail polish to ringworm or redbugs (chiggers) and they’ll smother to death & die, curing it.

  • Fainting- it’s been said that if a person faints nearby you can revive them by wafting an open bottle of nail polish under their nose. Sometimes fainting is caused by lack of oxygen, so you might not want to apply this in every fainting situation!

What’s your favorite non-traditional use for nail polish?

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