This for That- What’s it Called?

this for that whats it called
This for That- What’s it Called?

Some of our members who live overseas are having a difficult time figuring out what the “equivalent ingredient” is in their country in various recipes.this-for-that-whats-it-called

Also, some of the older recipes use a different name for an ingredient. So I thought we could compile a list of Ingredients that This for That- aka Common Equivalents for American Ingredients
Please note, some of these equivalents are for various countries such as the United Kingdom, Egypt, Australia, South Africa etc.

This For That: Common European Equivalents for American Ingredients

  1. Oleo in a Recipe = Butter or Margarine
  2. Andouille sausage = smoked sausage
  3. Aubergine= eggplant
  4. Baker’s ammonia (Hartshorn) = Baking powder
  5. Baking Trays = Cookie Sheets
  6. Baking Powder- use levure chimique but add a touch more in baked goods as American Baking Powder is Double-acting
  7. Bicarbonate of soda = baking soda
  8. Broad beans = fava beans = broad beans
  9. Butter lettuce = butterhead lettuce = cabbage lettuce
  10. Capsicum = sweet pepper or bell pepper = green or red pepper
  11. Castor sugar = superfine sugar = caster sugar
  12. Chick peas = garbanzo beans = chickpeas
  13. Chillies = hot peppers = chillies
  14. Chips = french fries
  15. Chocolate Chips – cooking chocolate chopped into manageable chunks
  16. Chokos = chayote = chayota
  17. (to) chop = mince = (to) chop
  18. Coriander = Chinese parsley = coriander
  19. Corned beef = salt beef = corned beef
  20. Cornflour = cornstarch = cornflour
  21. Cos lettuce = Romaine lettuce = Cos or Romaine lettuce
  22. Cilantro = fresh coriander
  23. Cream = light cream = single cream
  24. Corn syrup = glucose syrup- which is often only found in the larger chain stores overseas. You may have seen incorrect posts mentioning Golden Syrup as an equivalent- but these are not the same and in many recipes using golden syrup in its place will cause the recipe to fail. Don’t worry, here’s a recipe to make your own “Corn Syrup“.
  25. Confectioners’ sugar = icing sugar
  26. Cornmeal = polenta (uncooked) = farine de mais
  27. Cube sugar = loaf sugar = cube or lump sugar
  28. Dark brown sugar= Vergeoise Brune = Treacle Sugar (in France this would be sucre cassonade- ambree)
  29. Essence = extract
  30. Eggplant = eggplant or aubergine (pronounced obergine) = aubergine
  31. EVVO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  32. Fillet (of meat) = tenderloin = fillet
  33. Firmly beaten egg whites = dry egg whites = firmly beaten egg whites
  34. Fried = pan-broiled or pan fried = fried
  35. Frosting = icing
  36. Frozen whipped topping = Cool Whip = long-life whipped UHT cream
  37. Frying pan = skillet
  38. Garbanzo beans = chickpeas
  39. Gelatine powder- plain powdered gelatin, such as knox
  40. Glace fruit = candied fruit
  41. Graham cracker = digestive biscuit
  42. Gravy beef = stew beef = gravy beef
  43. Great Northern beans = cannellini beans
  44. Grill, griller = broil, broiler = gril, griller
  45. Ground rice, rice flour = rice flour
  46. Half & half- a single cream
  47. Hard-boiled egg = hard cooked egg
  48. Heavy cream = whipping cream
  49. Ham steaks = gammon steaks
  50. Icing sugar = confectioners’ sugar = icing sugar, powdered sugar
  51. Jam = conserve = jam, conserve
  52. King prawns = jumbo shrimps = shrimps
  53. Lasagna noodles = lasagne sheets
  54. Light brown sugar = Vergeoise blonde = (in France this would be sucre cassonade- cuivree)
  55. Mince / minced meat = ground (meat) = mince / minced (meat)
  56. Molasses = treacle
  57. Morello or sour cherries = sour cherries = morello cherries
  58. Mortadella = baloney = mortadella
  59. Navy beans- haricot beans will work as a nice substitute
  60. Non-fat milk- a skimmed milk
  61. Oatmeal = porridge
  62. Offal = variety meat = organ meats aka pluck or viscera such as Scottish haggis, Jewish chopped liver, US Chitterlings, Mexican medudo, etc
  63. Okra = ladies fingers or gumbo
  64. Papaw, pawpaw = papaya = pawpaw
  65. Pimientos = pimientos = pimentos
  66. Pizza crust = pizza base
  67. Potato chips = potato crisps
  68. Pork tenderloin = pork fillet
  69. Plain flour = all purpose flour = AP flour (please note, Flour is processed a bit differently in England, so if you’re overseas and you’re trying to use an American recipe calling for AP flour, you’ll need to add just a touch more, about 1 tbs per cup.
  70. Potato flour = potato starch = potato flour
  71. Prawns = shrimps
  72. Reduced-fat milk= semi-skimmed milk
  73. (to) rub butter or fat into dry ingredients = cut in shortening = (to) rub butter or fat into dry ingredients
  74. Spring onions shallots green onions scallions
  75. Semisweet chocolate- plain chocolate
  76. Semolina = farina
  77. Sesame seeds = benne seeds
  78. Shallots, spring onion = scallions, green onions = spring onions
  79. Shortcrust pastry = basic pastry or shortcrust pastry = shortcrust
  80. Snow peas = sugar snap peas = mangetout
  81. Sour cream = dairy sour cream = soured cream (in France this would be Fromage Blanc)
  82. Stock cubes = bouillon cubes
  83. Saltanas = seedless white raisins or golden raisins = white raisins or saltanas
  84. Shortening (e.g., Crisco®) = butter or margarine, or vegetable fat spread (e.g., Stork®)
  85. Sweets thermometer = jellmeter = jam or candy thermometer
  86. Swiss roll pan = jelly-roll pan
  87. Tin of broth= canned beef or chicken broth
  88. Tomato paste = tomato puree
  89. Tomato sauce- Tomato Passata
  90. Thickened cream = heavy cream = double cream
  91. Unsalted butter = sweet butter = unsalted butter
  92. Whole wheat flour = wholemeal flour
  93. Worcestershire Sauce= although not the same, if you’re using this is a recipe you can use Tamarind sauce in its place with good results.
  94. Zucchini = courgette
  95. 00 Flour = Bread Flour

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Substituting Ingredients

Sometimes it’s necessary to substitute an ingredient, maybe you’ve run out, maybe you can’t find it in your country or location, etc. Here is an extensive list of substitutes for various ingredients to save you a trip to the store!

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  1. 😉 In crochet, because I like it… a treble in Australian/Uk English is the same as a double crochet in American English.

    Graham flour is also similar to whole wheat flour.

    Cookies = sweet biscuits.

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