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8 Tips to a Cleaner Kitchen

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8 Tips to a Cleaner Kitchen
These are simple tips to a cleaner, tidier kitchen.

1. Accomplish a little each day. Schedule a small amount of tidying each night as you’re cleaning up the dinner dishes. For instance, on Mondays you could clean the stove, and on Sundays you could check the fridge for leftovers that should be thrown out. This kind of daily routine helps keep your kitchen in good shape, without having to spend hours at a time.

2. Use your dishwasher. These days, it seems like everything is dishwasher safe. So take advantage of it! for instance, take apart your electric can opener and put the nonelectric parts in the dishwasher. Stove drip pans and burner covers, small refrigerator shelves, plastic drawer organizers and other plastic or metal items can probably go in the dishwasher-just make sure to load plastic items onto the top rack.

Some experts believe that dishwashers use less water than hand washing, so as an added benefit, you could potentially conserve resources and save on your water bill while saving time and energy. If possible, run the dishwasher only when it is fully loaded. To see if something is dishwasher safe, check your product manual, the manufacturer’s Web site or a customer service number.

3. Get a new perspective. As you’re cleaning your kitchen, stand on a step stool or a chair and take a look around. From the higher perspective, you’ll be able to see spots you might have missed or areas that need attention, such as the tops of cabinets. If you sit or kneel on the floor, you’ll probably see lower cabinet doors that need washing or crumbs that should be vacuumed up.

4. Work top to bottom. When you’re doing a deep cleaning of your kitchen, it makes sense to take it from the top–start by dusting cabinet tops–then wash cabinet doors (and wipe out cabinet interiors as needed)–move on to wiping counter-tops, then under-counter cabinets and finally the floors. As dust and crumbs fall while you’re working, they’re not falling onto areas you’ve already cleaned—so you’ll avoid having to clean an area twice!

5. Cover it up. An easy way to keep the top of refrigerator clean–cover it with saran wrap to catch dust and spills. When it’s time to clean, I just remove and replace the saran wrap. Similarly, you can cover cabinet tops with saran wrap also. When the wrap gets dusty, simply discard and replace it with a fresh layer.

6. Get creative with your cleaning tools. When your sponges and cleaning brushes won’t work for certain tasks, look around your house for an ad-hoc tool that can help. The tip of a chopstick or pencil wrapped in a piece of paper towel is just the right size to clean the crevices in an unplugged counter-top grill or waffle maker, while a retired toothbrush with some all purpose cleaner with bleach can scrub away debris around handles and knobs and gunk from your sink drains. And a plastic knife can scrape baked-on spills from the stove or even chip away debris in the space between the stove and the counter-top.

7. Take it outside. If your kitchen is small, it can be hard to maneuver when you’re cleaning it. Wash bulky items such as refrigerator shelves and oven racks in the bathtub or even outside, in a basin of water. You’ll have more room, and you’ll be less likely to splash water on the floor.

8. Wipe up spills right away. It’s much easier to get rid of them while they’re fresh than after they dry and need scouring. What’s more even a splash of milk on the floor can turn the entire kitchen into a sticky mess once the kids or pets start tracking it around.

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16 thoughts on “8 Tips to a Cleaner Kitchen”

  1. I’ve noticed if you do dishes DIRECTLY after making them it makes the job a lot easier than trying to chip away old sauces or encrusted food

  2. “Cover it up. An easy way to keep the top of refrigerator clean–cover it with saran wrap to catch dust and spills”

    I’ve been doing this for years except I use an old towel. When it gets dirty, I just toss it into the washer and throw it back up there. (I quit buying any disposable products several years ago, so I don’t even have plastic wrap in my home)

  3. great idea for the cabinet tops, i have cabinets that are 4 years old and wondered how many years i could clean with soap and waterwith out hurting the wood.

    thanks a bunch.

  4. Great list! I just started doing what you mention in #1 (cleaning the kitchen a little each day) & it has made life soooo much easier! And now the kitchen never gets really dirty.

  5. I really stick by the — clean as you go method. So hard getting this idea into my DS..
    I really love the warmth and the smells of a kitchen…

  6. ChrisseyP,What an excellent idea.

    i’ve been doing this for years except i use an old towel.

    now that you said this i remember one of my aunts doing this in her kitchen also….towel for me now too. what a savings..

  7. Love the saran wrap idea always having to clean the top of the refrigerator and cabinets adding some up there today great idea!!!

  8. I turtle waxed my fridge so I don’t have to do any hard scrubbing when it’s cleanup time. A quick wipe down will suffice!

    • I turtle waxed my fridge so I don’t have to do any hard scrubbing when it’s cleanup time. A quick wipe down will suffice!

      Great idea! Going to have to try this.

  9. Another use for the car ice scraper in the summer. I just have to remember to put it back in the car when it gets cold outside…..


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