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Sticker Shock

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You might have noticed that fruits and veggies have cute little stickers on them in the grocery store. That sticker is called a PLU which is short for “Price Look Up” and contains a code that offers quite a bit of information that you might not be aware of, but could greatly affect the health of your family.
We’re all aware of sticker shock- the horrible feeling you have at the grocery store when the prices have soared unexpectedly due to some recent issue- drought, flood, a freeze that wipes out a crop, etc; However, this kind of sticker shock is a little bit different. The type of sticker shock we’re referring to here directly affects the well being of your family members because these stickers tell you how and where the produce you’re about to purchase was grown.

Oftentimes, either directly above or directly underneath the code, the sticker will display the country the produce was grown in.

Here’s what the codes Mean:

4-Digit PLU in the 3,000’s or 4,000’s(example 4952)- means the produce has been conventionally grown- meaning that the produce was grown with the use of fertilizers, pesticides

5-Digit PLU that begins with a 9- (Example: 94952) this means that the item has been organically grown

5-digit PLU that begins with an 8– (example 84952) means that this item is FrankenFood- that is to say, genetically modified. Its seeds were genetically engineered/created in a laboratory and were spliced with various viruses, bacteria, pesticides and more.

In short, the next time you’re looking over the fruits and veggies, picking and choosing the best looking ones, don’t forget to look at the PLU Sticker for MORE than just the monetary price or you may just pay a bigger health price down the road!

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