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Fitness for Life- How I lost nearly 100 lbs

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I’d like to share a Deep Dark secret that I’ve been harboring. I used to be Fat. No, Really. . . . At my absolute heaviest, I weighed 232 pounds (March 21, 1996) (as per the doctor’s scale!). Granted, I was pregnant, but I was also FAT. I wasn’t only unfit and unhealthy, I was absolutely miserable. I’m going to show you exactly how I lost nearly 100lbs!

Budget101 100lb Weight Loss

How I lost nearly 100 lbs

I felt it was imperative that I immediately get into shape and lose as much weight as I could, as rapidly as possible. Biggest Loser hadn’t yet been thought of, I’d watched friends and family struggle through weight watchers meetings for years, counting calories, weighing foods, trying the latest fad diets, Atkins, the zone, south beach, you name it. To me, the answer seemed quite simple, get off my widening rear, get moving and stop eating ridiculous amounts of food.

I read numerous bodybuilding and fitness websites trying to figure out what type of workout plan would work best for me. What I learned (and I am greatly simplifying) is that in order for your body to burn larger amounts of calories, the larger muscle groups need to work.

The more they work, the more calories they burn. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. So with that in mind, here is the very simple workout schedule that I designed that helped me drop 100 pounds in about 9 1/2 months time, and keep it off, permanently.

Pretty simple stuff!

Mid-40’s & Still staying Fit, for Free.

How much you need to workout entirely depends on your own lifestyle.

  • Are you fairly active?
  • Do you sit down most of the day (for your job)?
  • Do you walk to work, drive?
  • Are you trying to lose weight or maintain weight?
  • Why are you getting fit?

My Workout Plans

Here is the complete Free Workout plan for each day, including video clips of each exercise to help you use the correct form. In addition, each workout includes a free printable workout worksheet.


What to Eat- or better yet, what NOT to eat!

Here are a few guidelines for the dietary changes that were made to accomplish this rapid change Food Guidelines.

Also, you can view additional information in our Weight Loss/ Fitness forums

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