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MYO Telemarketer Zapper

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Rather than write a long article, I thought I would save you $50 instead…

Telemarketer zappers..

A wonderful little invention that deletes your phone number from computers by playing a specific tone at the beginning of each phone call. That tone tells the computer that dialed your number that your number is no longer in service, thereby deleting your phone number from their database.
Sounds great doesn’t it, except that it costs $49.95

Hold tight, Did you know that you don’t have to pay $49.95 for this item, that you can do virtually the same thing by recording this particular tone at the beginning of your voice mail or answering machine messages?

Download the Telezapping Tone Here

(It’s a self extracting .exe zip format, so you don’t have to have a Zip program to open it. )
For additional information about how the “real” telezapper works click here

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