Frugal Living » Price Comparisons: Homemade v.s Brand

Price Comparisons: Homemade v.s Brand

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Price Comparisons: Homemade v.s Brand

Hand Treatment v.s Rubber Gloves

Reader tips:
After washing dishes or some other chore that is rough on your hands, dip them in the oat flour.
Or wear rubber gloves.

Oat Flour (for this purpose) can be made by tossing 1 T. oatmeal into the blender until its a fine powder. Out of that one tablespoon of oatmeal you get enough powder to coat your hands at least twice. (2 uses).

The cost of oatmeal is 1.99 for a 42 oz container. (Store Brand).

There are (approx) 2 T. in an oz.
Oatmeal @ 1.99 for 42 ox = 84 T. x 2 uses per T = 168 uses.

Rubber gloves are 1.69 per package.

So for $1.99 you could treat your hands approx 168 times.

Or for $1.69 you could wash dishes for maybe 10 times. (depends on how nasty those gloves get inside & you have to remember that mold/bacteria grow after just a couple washes).

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