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30 Day Dinner Menu Plan

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The following 30 Day Dinner Menu Plan is from our Free Ebooklet, How to Feed a Family of 4 for less than $200 a month

We always use one of the following items for a side dish:

  • Salad
  • Rice (sometimes with seasonings, sometimes without)
  • Refried beans
  • Pasta
  • Baked or Mashed Potatoes

*FL = Freeze Leftovers for Lunches or another evening Meal

Dinner/ Supper Menu:
Day #1 : Chicken Fajita Tortillas / refried beans/ salad
Day Sweet-n-Sour Kielbasa/ mashed potatoes/ salad (*FL)
Day #3 : Baked Stuffed Haddock with Newburg sauce /baked potato /salad (*FL)
Day # 4: Hearty Taco Pasta Dish (Rotini noodles with tomatoes/hamburger/ taco seasoning & black olives) (*FL)
Day # 5 Lasagna (make an extra one & freeze for end of the month) (*FL)
Day # 6 Tuna Casserole
Day # 7 Broiled or Grilled steak/ Salad
Day #08 Chicken Parmesan with seasoned rice / Broccoli (*FL)
Day # 09 Spaghetti & Meatballs with Garlic bread & salad
Day # 10 Beef-n-Bean Burrito’s topped with salsa & cheese seasoned Rice on side
Day # 11 Pot Roast with Potatoes/ Carrots/ Onions & biscuits, Gravy (*FL) (Always have enough leftovers for a complete family meal)
Day # 12 Restaurant Night: (Copycat recipe from KFC, Olive Garden, etc)
Day # 13 Corned Beef/ Cabbage/ Carrots / Potatoes
Day # 14 Chicken Marsala with baked potato & fresh spinach
Day # 15 Sweet-n-Sour Kielbasa (left overs from Day 2)/ mashed potatoes/ salad
Day # 16 Corned beef hash/ biscuits
Day # 17 Lasagna & salad, garlic bread
Day # 18 Chicken Vegetable soup & cornbread
Day # 19 Meatball subs or sweet-n-sour meatballs over egg noodles
Day # 20 Leftover beef pot roast simmered in gravy & served over Hot Biscuits w/ salad & or peas
Day # 21 Breakfast for dinner: blueberry pancakes, bacon & hash browns
Day # 22 Oriental Stir Fry with rice (*FL)
Day # 23 Chicken Wraps with lettuce/tomato/ parmesan dressing& potato salad
Day # 24 Homemade Deep Dish Pizza
Day # 25 Bacon/Potato Casserole with sour cream
Day # 26 Sloppy Joes / salad
Day # 27 Grilled Swordfish with marinated veggies
Day # 28 American Chop Suey (*FL)
Day # 29 Chicken Pot Pie & cranberry sauce (I usually make 2 and freeze one)
Day # 30 Choose your own menu night : from evenings of 1 serving leftovers that have been vacuum sealed.

Sometimes I print up lovely menu’s for each person to choose as though they are at a restaurant.

I also create alternate meal ideas (2-3) in case something comes up and I am unable/ (or do not want to) make dinner. For instance, if one of the boys gets sick, or if dh is going to be very late from work.

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