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Organizing Your Coupons

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Are you new to Coupon Clipping? Over the years our readers have offered lots of tips and suggestions for organizing those coupons to you can maximize your savings.

What do you Need to get Started ?

  • 3 Ring Binder ( avail at Wal-Mart for $1.96 – often even cheaper_
  • Trading Card Pocket pages – these are in the office supply aisle and are 9 pocket poly/laminate full size pages (Wal-Mart 1.44 per pkg regular price)
  • Coupons- from the Sunday paper or printed from your computer, etc.
  • Optional- full size poly pages

    Even if you are not an avid coupon clipper, I highly suggest starting with the items listed above.


    • It will save you time
    • You’ll find more deals
    • You’ll be more likely to use your coupons rather than having them get lost in the bottom of your pocketbook/purse or forgotten at home.
    • It helps keep your barcodes clean and easier for the cashier to scan
    • Its easier to see what you have for coupons- rather than flipping through an accordion style coupon book.

    How to get started . . .
    Place your Trading card pages into your binder and divide into as many sections as you need (Refrigerated, Cleaners & Detergents, Baking Goods, Frozen items, Personal Care, Pets etc)

    These sections will be personalized to fit your own family.

    As you begin clipping your coupons, slide them into your binder in the correct section.

    I usually do this as I’m watching a favorite TV show in the evening, or catching the latest news.

    If you’re really organized you can insert them according to the savings, for example, all the .25er’s on 1 page, or at the top of each page. Generally speaking, I don’t do this!

    Various Tips

    • Keep the Binder in your car. That way, no matter when you run into the store, you’ll have the deals at your fingertips.
    • Find out whether your favorite grocery store accepts coupons. Since most stores Corporate policies allow coupons, most store managers are able to set their own standards as to what they will or wont accept.

    © 2007 Liss Burnell – the Owner & Editor of Your #1 Penny Pinching Resource
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