Frugal Living » Credit 101: Repairing your Credit Step by Step

Credit 101: Repairing your Credit Step by Step

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Hopefully, with the help of our free Grocery Budget e-book, you have already started to save $250 or more a month on your grocery bill. Now that you are armed with that information, let me help guide you to applying that savings to your back debts, to help dig you out of debt using the resources that you have available to you.

Credit 101: Repairing your Credit Step by Step

Step 1- Obtaining Your Credit Report

You may already know that your credit score is based upon your credit report, but do you have any idea what your credit report says about you right now? You may be surprised to see accounts as old as 10 years still showing on your report.

The first step in repairing your credit, is to obtain a copy of your credit report from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies.


Equifax: Personal Solutions: Credit Reports, Credit Scores, Protection Against Identity Theft


Credit Report, credit score and free credit report from Experian

Trans Union

TransUnion – Check Your Credit Report and Credit Score Online, Instantly and Securely

You are entitled to one free report during any 12-month period no matter where you live if you:

  • Are unemployed and intend to apply for employment in the next 60 days
  • Are on public welfare assistance
  • Believe your file contains inaccurate information due to fraud
  • You are also entitled to a free report if you have received notice of an adverse decision (such as denial of credit, insurance, or employment) within the past 60 days

Already have a copy of your credit report? Move on to Step #2: What to Look For

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