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Very trying week

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they found the problem with our AC system and we're waiting on the part to arrive. It will cool down to 80 as long as we only use it 10 to 12 hours. After that it starts heating instead. So we've been turning it off t night and opening windows and then closing windows and turning it back on around 10 or 11AM. Makes it livable in our high heat and high humidity. 100 degree days and 100% humidity is not normal in extreme north Missouri in June! Then this week my Refrigerator quit cooling too! The thermostat had gone out on it and it was replaced today. Luckily it's toward the end of the month when our fresh perishables are mostly used up so only lost half a gallon of milk and some produce. Lettuce is so picky about being kept at 90!

We worked hard in the heat and got two of our mowers up and running. So have reclaimed about 1 acre around the house and barn.

got an emergency Food fair to help with Saturday morning and then make a run to Ft. Leavenworth while I'm over in that area to resupply fresh perishables before family from Utah arrives Sunday for a week visit. Sure hope the AC part comes in in time to get replaced tomorrow as they thought it would!

Got to go check the garden and see if any of the beds have dried out. We were able to get our fields planted last night and today so finally done with that.

Lots of little things have popped up all week. So glad when this week is over. Lord if this is a test, I hope I passed and don't need to do it again soon!

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    Boy what a week you have had. I sure do feel for you in this heat. I believe this year is alot hotter than last year ever got. Hope the part for your ac comes in really soon for you.