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Father's Day

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We had planned a very special day for my husband. The girls made breakfast and we whipped up dinner to put in the Fridge and make it easy to cook up when we got home from church. They made cheese cake and JALAPENO AND CORNBREAD MEATLOAF. Had the oven on for over an hour and the house turned into an oven! As soon as we got done with dinner DH was packing up and getting ready get out of here. The kids were running like crazy grabbing their presents and the cheesecake and all he wanted to do is get out of the hot house and go to the hotel and cool off before he starts his next week of work. Couldn't hardly blame him! Wish we could of gone with him too! Hope we get the AC thing worked out tomorrow! their coming every day to "fix" things at $65 a pop on top of the $2200 to replace the duct work last winter to supposably fix the problem has pushed me over the edge here!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Best to you today..
    Hope we get the AC thing worked out tomorrow!
    SOunds like they are really giving you the run around and run for your money...