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No Air Conditioning here

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I just needed to complain. We haven't had any air on yet. The a/c unit keeps missing up, and isn't working right. We've had someone here a couple of times to looking at it. It was working up until yesterday, it died. Went to town, and came home to a hot house. The heat index yesterday was 105, and it well be again today. But the a/c guy can't get here until later in day to look at it again.

Well one thing about it, I should be able to loss more weight with all the sweating I'm doing here. Plus I have to say that these days I guess we are spoiled to the a/c. Way back when they didn't have this kind of luxary. So I guess I shouldn't complain to much. At least I have fans and a roof over my head.

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  1. cheriluvsrj's Avatar
    Omgoodness... i was gunna say stop over and have some coffee with me(in the a/c)..our heat index is also going to be 100-105, but i'm all the way down here in Tennessee.

    Just stay hydrated with that humid weather!!! And yeppers your right fans and a roof over the head,kinda can't complain too much.

    I can only wonder about how cranky i would be without my a/c!! LOL Man 0 Man...

    Maybe go shopping in a a/c building..HAHA.

    Well good luck
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    All last year my AC didn't work. I tried it today with it so hot after freezing all last week and it works! Yea! 3 of us are very severe asthma suffers so we really need it most of the time in the summer. Last year we lucked out and it was cooler and the pollen wasn't very bad most of the time. We kept a small window unit in my bedroom window to use on days we just couldn't breathe at all and limped through the whole summer. They finally decided that the home builder used to small of duct work for our big house and so we broke down and had it replaced and had a very home made Christmas to pay for it. But by gummy it works now! I just sold my window AC units 2 weeks ago. Wished I hadn't now! A single Mom in Bethany has a asthmatic child and needs an AC unit and can't afford to buy one and now you need one. wish I had kept them to pass along! they were less than 2 year old units that I let go for $50 total just to get them out of my basement. Hope you get it solved soon! It have a feeling it going to be a cooker this summer!
  3. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I hope yo can get it fixed soon! Ours went out once and it was just awful. Everyone was grumpy. Maybe check out a local movie theater during the hotter time of day.
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    Great news, it's working now. There was a sensor that went out on it. That's why it stopped working, but it's been replaced. So I'm now enjoying the ac again. I work in the heat and sweat (or is it gleason) alot. So now it's going to be nice to come home to some nice cool air. And I do believe that this summer is going to be worse than last year.
  5. beansthemama's Avatar
    Our home doesnt have A/C. Not many homes here do, but it does get icky here in summer. The home owners association doesnt allow the window ones either! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh