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It's June!

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I've been running like crazy and one week from today I'll be at girls camp with my daughters. they needed a volunteer who can make a 4 mile hike with the 2nd year girl's. I can't do much but boy I can hike! I love the trails DH made all over our wonderful hills here at home. I never know what I'll see along the way when I go walk them. He put some very nice benches along the way so I can stop and rest and meditate when I want to. Hopefully going to camp will be a good experience for me. I've never gone before so pretty clueless on what to expect. Really looking forward to week off! Two weekends ago it got so cold we almost turned on the pellet stove again! Today it got into the 90's and we broke down and turned the Ac on for the afternoon. Suppose to be cold for the next few days. Sure is crazy weather! My garden sure got off to a slow start but finally starting to take off. May have to replant a few things but most stuff is looking good now. DH has been working hard on the days he gets to come home. He's got all the rooms roughed in the basement and the electrtion came last week and wired for us and he started wall boarding last weekend. We finally have a full bathroom in the basement! Yea! My computer is in the basement so it's great to not have to run all the way upstairs every time! Well thunderstorms have fired up from todays heat so guess I better wrap up here and turn off my computer for the night.

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  1. Niddi's Avatar
    Sounds like you've been working hard on your house, glad you're making so much progress. Hope your camp experience is a good one. I recently got back from my volunteer time at a camp my DD runs and am covered with bites, sore from using muscles I didn't even know I had and tired from not being able to sleep on the bad mattress, Oh yea, I really appreciate my bathtub now, nothing like a nice long soak. I did everything from camp clean up to helping the cooks, to holding some craft classes and leading some games. When I got home DH and I went on a weeks vacation. I needed it.
    Have only been able to get on the computer a few times in the last couple of months and judging by the number of postings everyone must be having a busy summer also. Miss my daily computer time!!!!!!