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Getting ready for, usually i'm ready for this month.But June is right around the corner!
And i have nothing ready!!!

June 6 Mom's birthday
June 9 Gram's birthday
June 21 Father's day
(2 dad's, 2 step-dad's)
June 24th Sister's birthday(Big 18)

Now i'm all for everyone's special day..
but...they all live New York,except my Dad that lives in Maryland!!

So,having to shop..which i have done NONE of!
Having to send it out!AHHHAHAAA
Sometimes i forget to take a deep breath!

Living here in Tennessee, I'm not gunna lie, I do miss my family alot!!! Here lately i have got in a slump!

Well..I guess i will just have to get it toghter and get my butt in gear.

My family is my everything, it's hard to be here without them...... so i try and make there special day...Extra special!!!

Thanks for letting me be emotional.
I really do love this board and all the great people here!

It's just of those day!!!

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Living here in Tennessee, I'm not gunna lie, I do miss my family alot!!! Here lately i have got in a slump!
    BOy can I relate to that, all of my family is either in Ohio or Oklahoma and I am in South Dakota so not like you can just jump in the car and go visit when you do miss them. Your June sounds like my July. In my family and my hubby's everyone (just about) has a July birthday. I have started getting the family gift cards to food places. Tell them to have dinner on me and to think of me when they do. Not the same but seems to be going over well enough. Of course they also get a phone call and greeting card. Wish I had more money and could splurge for them.

    Actually I have missed my family enough that told them this past year to keep the money from the holiday's and birthdays for our family and use it to come visit us. It would mean more to us then any gift they buy or money that they would send us.
  2. cheriluvsrj's Avatar
    Update..I've got all the cards! Every last one of them for the month!!! Now the good bargins/coupons hunting has gotta start! Does anyone have any good places with good deals and some great coupons???

    Oh and Wilbe thanks for relating with me.15 hours is a haul no matter how ya look at it. LOL

    But I do talk to Mom every morning, and this morning had a big cry with her..missing her and same with her!
    Sometimes it helps, sometimes it don't.
    Every vacation we get, we go and visit.But this year we have been making plans to go to Flordia..but i'm always second guessing myself.
    I really need to decide what i'm going to do, we havent had a family vacation in 9years.

    Maybe Flordia in July and Family in Nov.
    Who knows..i'm up in arms...