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Fit into my "skinny jeans"

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OK, they aren't really skinny at all. They're size 16. BUT, I haven't been in that size in about 5 years. I was about to pack them away for our move, and I thought, "I think I'll try them on first and just see..."

They fit perfectly.

No tummy sucking. No muffin top.

They FIT ME!

I was so happy to see a real measurement of my weight loss success that I started crying.

Stuff like this motivates me even more to keep going and not give up. I've been very successful so far. I just have to remember my successes when I hit the plateau that I know will come eventually.

Go, me!

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Sounds like you are really doing great with your diet... Yes you Go Girl...
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Oh wow, you must have so much more energy as well and that will help make your move easier. My first thought was wow you will be going to a new city, a new house and now an all new you!
  3. cheriluvsrj's Avatar
    That's wonderful!!

    Let's see some before and after!!!
    You go girl!!

    Super proud of you!!
  4. tsgal's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you. Way to go.......
  5. jaime's Avatar
    That is so cool. You go girl!