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A Saturday In October

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I've just returned from an early morning walk. My husband created several miles of trails on our property. The hilly, and bottom land that isn't to usable anyway. I walked along creekside then walked up rabbit valley where I meet up with my DH who also came out for an early morning walk. We walked up the hill to skyline trail and had a nice talk. I came on back and have made up a nice big pot of 9 grain mush for breakfast. Kids got to sleep in today but now it's time to get moving. We have been making a pole barn for the horses and today we will be putting up the metal roof. The boys started working on the old pole barn that we lived in for 4 years and started taking out rooms so we can reuse the lumber to frame in the horse stalls and also make a couple bedrooms in the basement. the old pole barn will turn into a machine shed which is what we had intended for it in the first place. I'll leave half my old kitchen intact to use as a summer canning area. I'm staring out my window and seeing the pond and one of our kittens playing with some crickets which we have a lot of. I'm so grateful for the beautiful world and rich bounty that my Father in heaven has created for me. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    That Sounds lovely, it's wonderful that you can embrace the joys around you. I love the idea of having a nice canning area. We've often thought of building such an area ourselves.