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Just complaining...

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Just have to get all this out.

I am so upset. Actually, I think I am calming down. I got my grades today for my 4 classes last semester. I was expecting 4 A's. I actually thought that is what I was going to get. Instead I got 3 A's and a B-! Ok so I know this sounds silly and insane, but a B- is the lowest you can get in Grad School. You can't get C's in my program - you have to retake it.

So what angers me, is I had no clue. I had an A and apparently the final exam and final paper brough my A all the way down to a B-??? I dont see how this is possible since I worked my butt of doing that paper and studying for the test. But apparently it did. I emailed my teacher (who is retiring now and this was her last class) to meet with me asap. She hasn't written back. I tried calling, no answer.

I told her I don't get it and asked for an explanation and if any extra work was available. I'm willing to do another project even. I just dont get it. Where did my A go?

Ok so why is this grade such a big deal? <<deep breaths>> I want a better GPA so that I can better my chances when I apply to PhD programs this Fall. My GPA would have significantly jumped had I gotten the 4 A's and now it just stayed the same. So yeah, I know there are other ways and this one class probably won't stop me from getting in somewhere, but it's the principle. Especially when it really was my best effort.

I also don't understand how some things like grades can be so easy for others when I really do try so hard. And it just seems effortless for others. I guess that goes on to other things in life, like why do others have such easy lives and some of us have the toughest?

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    I'd be very upset, too. I have maintained a 4.0 for so long that if I had a B I'd freak out. I hope you get your explanation and a chance to fix the grade if you choose to.

    Keep up the hard work!
  2. wilbe95's Avatar
    Be patient with your instructor. So many are not on campus after finals and don't check their mail regular. Since she did retire it might take a real phone call. Hope you are able to do some extra work to help with the grade. Congratulations on all of your hardwork, it will pay off even if you have to keep the B-.
  3. starsinnight's Avatar
    I spoke with her and she made some mistakes with my paper since she took points off for a question I didn't answer but wasn't on the assignment outline - so my grade went up to B+, which makes me somewhat relieved. I still dont understand how I got that grade when I had good grades overall and in my other class with her I got an A, but oh well. It's over and done with and I'm on to summer classes already. But thanks for your support, it means alot!