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This past week has been one upheaval upon another. Whilst trying to get Budget101 switched over to a new design and implementing a few new features, my hard drive starting making crunchy noises.

Within a matter of moments, the drive ceased to function and 2 years of photographs (over 145,000) are GONE. This WAS my back up drive. I've spent copious hours trying to recover data, mostly photographs, but at this point, fear the worst.

It is clear by the crunchy clicking noise of death that the heads in the drive are shot, and now I'm left to contemplate mailing the drive to a lab to recover the data, or whether to mourn it's loss and move on.

The last few days have been absolute hell and I can barely stand to look at the computer, much less touch it. So folks, bear with me as I still need a few days to sift through discs to see what was backed up on other media, what wasn't. Until I get this mess sorted out, everything else is on hold.

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  1. cheriluvsrj's Avatar
    OMG Liss I'm so sorry. I can only hope you get your data back. And take all the time you need, I could only fear the worst if my pc went down too!!! Good luck doll.
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    So sorry to hear this Liss. And to lose your photos, that one would bother me too. Hope that your able to save them, and that everything works out.
  3. JoAnn's Avatar
    Hugs to you friend -- I have a lot confidence in you.. I can feel your pain, on this one.. Just take it slow and things will come together for you...
  4. denalowenberg's Avatar
    I am so sorry. I can definately feel your pain. There is nothing worse than loosing pictures especially. I wish you the best.
  5. fosterfamily5's Avatar
    I am so sorry!!!!! I hope the photos aren't lost forever.
  6. jaime's Avatar
    Oh man, how horrible. I hope you can get them back. Today is a new day!
  7. wilbe95's Avatar
    Liss, what a heartbreak. Had a computer crash on me some time back and let a "friend" work on it and lost all of the pictures that we had on it that was traumatic for me. I feel your pain. Hope you have been able to recover most of the items.
  8. brchbell's Avatar
    Oh computer crashes are so painful! Hope you recover quickly! My last crash was so bad I refused to even consider a new computer. After several weeks DH went and got me a new one and hooked it up and said when I was ready to face the world again to get on with it. It took a few week but when he shipped out again to Iraq I sure fired it up and kept track of him while he was over there. He's retired now so next crash will probably be the end of my computing. To painful for me to endure again!
  9. Liss's Avatar
    Well, I mailed the drive off to a company, received a quote of $3,500 to recover the data/photos/etc and decided to cut my losses and move on. Lesson learned, back-up, back-up, back-up.