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Father Day?

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What Everyone going to do for father day?
I just don't known how to celebrate it. LOL

I just don't known what to give to my father. I just overall general didn't understand guy.

ODD... Guess I will just cook a huge feast ... LOL

but he always complain about how bad my food look ... LOL
He said they look bad but taste good..

It this even suppose to be compliment?


Ok. I need to go back to dorm now.. Hungry

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Hmm... Father's Day. My father died many years ago, but I have a husband who is a pretty awesome dad himself. I will get him a present of some sort, but mostly it's about making sure that we focus that day on him, making him feel appreciated and loved. Breakfast in bed...his favorite meals all day...Little things say a lot.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    My dad died a few years back. He had told others the most meaningful gift he ever got was a simple letter I had written to him back around 1970 telling him how much he meant to me. That letter was found with him when he died. It was a simple thing but you might consider writing a special letter for him and maybe take him out to eat instead of cooking! At least if he complains then it's someone else's cooking! Might want to just give him a gift card to a restaurant he likes.
  3. danghsia's Avatar
    lol I don't think he was really complaining about my cooking. In my back, he always tell grandma that he like it that I cook. LOL

    Grandma told me back

    Anyway.. I think I will write him some letter and give him some special gift card