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lost my wallet

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I lost my wallet yesterday. I closed my credit card but haven't contact to DMV and hospital. I really need to do them. Cause my driver lincen and health insurance card are in there.

So sad.

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Ouch, that's lousy! I hope it turns up unharmed and soon. My husband lost his wallet a couple years ago. Someone returned it to him, all the cards were there (we had already cancelled and replaced them) without his cash inside. Oh well. At least whoever took it/found it didn't get anything from our credit and debit cards!
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    What a nightmare! I keep waiting for this to happen to me. I've had several strokes and because of that I don't remember things to well at times. I leave my purse places all the time. It started when we lived in Washington DC and I'd leave my purse on a subway bench-- well give me a break I remembered to grab all 3 of the kids! Anyway when we returned back to the station where I left it some dear soul had turned it in for me to collect intact. I've left it on a table in a very busy McDonald's in Wyoming and when I remembered half way across Montana and called they had it with everything intact. I do it all the time and so far I've been blessed to get everything back. My Daddy always said the good Lord takes care of babies, drunks and blooming Idiot's so maybe he was right! My friend tells me it wasn't the strokes that messed my memory up but all 5 of the kids! Hope you get yours returned to you or getting it all replaced isn't to painful!
  3. danghsia's Avatar
    I get mine return so happy