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Back out of Whack

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I realize that as I get older some things are certain like my hair turning grey (white actually, and not as long as I have the worlds best hairdresser), wrinkles, teeth falling out, weight shifting in spots I dont think it should be, and of course, the girls (breasts) growing longer, not bigger, but my recent back ache has got me down. After all, I'm only barely over 40 LOL.

This darn back. It started as a neck ache. The kind where you cant move your head in any direction. That was horrible for a couple of days until it inched down to my shoulder and I couldnt do anything with my arm and my hand kept falling asleep. But now, for the last 2 days it has taken residence in my lower back. At this rate it should be another day couple days before it hits ground level.

I have tried just about everything so now I guess I am just venting. If anyone has a good cure for backache I'm all ears.

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  1. JoAnn's Avatar
    Jamie, don't know what you did to your back--but be careful not to let it go too long. I have a wonderful Chiropractor & Message Therapist , up here. I truly believe in both of these people..I have a message every two weeks, as part of my therapy for my back oolala . If you have never had a message you are really missing something. Especially if you find the right Message Therapist. Just a tip if you are still in pain. Hopes this thought helps.
  2. jaime's Avatar
    JoAnn, I am terrified of drs but the massage thing sounds good. I have never had one before. I am still hurting but it does seem to be a little better today. I am so glad I took the week off. I am hanging out the laundry today...maybe that will work.
  3. Tarrien's Avatar
    Taking it easy, the massage thing usually works. Be very choosy when finding a chiropractor though- I've heard people have gotten injuries from them.
  4. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks Tarrien, I am going to try taking it easy today