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Happy Mother's Day!

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Hope you all had a lovely day! I'm starving! Had a bowl of oatmeal at 7am and it's now after 4PM. The kids told me to go downstairs as they are making a special dinner for me. I raided our basement food storage and got out a sleeve of crackers to tide me over! After church we had the Nursing home program to do today so we got home extra late. In our community all the Churches take turns providing Sunday services to our local Nursing home. While it makes our Sunday extra long, we always enjoy going down and visiting with the residents and sharing Sunday services with them. With my handful of crackers I'm sure I'll survive until whenever the kids get dinner on the table!

Been a slow week in the garden with the raining drifting through. Not getting a lot of rain but lots of thunder and lightening and high winds. Thankfully we missed the 130MPH winds that hit southern Missouri. Hopefully we'll get it all finished up this week.

Got camp coming up. I'll be one of the leaders going with the girls this year. I haven't been to Girls camp in 35 years so sure hope I'm up to 6 days with them! I walk an hour each day along with the other garden and farm work so should be able to handle it physically. Hope I can handle all the girl's! My girl's are so gentle and tame compared to most 15 year olds so hope I can handle a couple thousand of them! It might be a long 6 days for me!

I hear thunder rolling in. Hope we get a good rain with it for once. Suppose to be bright and sunny tomorrow thank goodness. we'll be moving beds,ect to St Jo to set 2 of our boys up in an apartment.

Hope all you Mom's have a special day today! I know motherhood was the most important thing I've done in my life. I'm grateful for the 5 special Spirits my Father in Heaven sent to me to raise here on Earth. Hope you have enjoyed raising yours too!

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  1. danghsia's Avatar
    hope you have a good day and enjoy it