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The life and mind of Tarrien

woken up by paws

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Today I woke up to little ferret feet walking on my face and body trying to hop up on my roommate's bed. D;

Today is going to just be my chill day since there's nothing I need to do and I've been out and about all week. Really glad my mono's gone and I can work again.

I'm wondering if I just lived on my own if I'd lose more weight, since I would only end up eating mostly at work and maybe have a couple of ramen packs around the house with a few fruits... Here there's like cake, cookies, and all this food that's homemade and available all the time. I do have self control but its like, I could definitely manage my eating habits better if I didn't have those around me.

I'm actually thinking of moving into some apartments a block or two away from my work. So far my plans for moving out consist of buying a moped first, then getting housing. Need the transport first. Which I may not even need to move out if I have the transport... I think part of it is just my roommate and I are just together too much. But we'll see how things go once the vehicle is bought.

Probably going to go take up a degree in pharmacy/phlebotomy soon since I kinda want something medical related but not where I see every injury possible to man (like nursing/doctoring)

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