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Mars & Venus In The Work Place

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Wonder if anyone here has read the book-- How to Get What You Want at Work--by John Gray, Ph.D. Previously titled Mars and Venus in the Workplace. I also had a chance to read one of his other books--#1 international bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. Very good reading..
So far what I have gotten from this book is to be visible if you wish to be recognized. Then do not be a lone worker. Stand out and also ask for what you desire. You get what you ask for. Do not feel awkward when you “toot your own horn” for the value you bring to your workplace (in life ?). In fact toot the horn loud and clear. If you seek acknowledgment you will have to make an effort to stand out and be visible. It is all the more important to be visible in today’s workplace.
It seems that the old school ways to getting a promotion or recognized, are long gone. I guess in so many words, so far that this book and people 10 years younger then myself are saying, silence isn't golden any more at least in the workplace...
What a thought to go and sleep on...

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    JoAnn, you said something that I do alot. Silence isn't golden any more. I have always been that way. I always make frineds, but I'm the silent one that digs deep in my work and I don't make myself known by speaking up to much. It takes time to noticed by being silent, but the boss always notices my work. Maybe I need to speak up more often than I do. Yesterday we had two bosses work with us, we were swamped, so the extra help was great. Because I have only been on this job for a month (new job), they were suprised at the amount of work that I did in a short amount of time. I will have to learn to talk alittle more. Make myself known to them. Thanks for bringing this up.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    I completely understand what you are saying here Tonia, I'm also
    the silent one that digs deep in my work
    I'm happy for you that things are coming along for you where you are working. And that the bosses notice that they have a good employee that they can depend on---good people seem like they are hard to find any more..

    But I should have learn t a long time ago that this way "Silence" doesn't pay off in the long run.... But surely this won't happen to me again, in this life time.
    This past week was a topper for me, at my place of employment. You have certain people that think that just because they work the shift that the bosses work that they are applying so much more to the whole days operation. Some forget what Team stands for (Together - Everyone - Accomplishes - More)...

    Weeee thanks everyone for listening lolll I do feel better..
    And it sure took a lot this past week to be nice to my fellow workers..