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The life and mind of Tarrien

living drama once again

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I cannot, I cannot handle this anymore. Everything I do is either wrong or not good enough, I'm just really getting fed up with my roommate at the moment always looking over my shoulder, criticizing me after a full day of work every day. It bugged me before that she calls about 90% of everything a piece of crap and now its like everything I have/ do is not good enough.

I do things certain ways or I get weird. I NEED to be EARLY or I feel anxious. Her dad came home 20 minutes late (when I say late, I mean he said latest he'd be home was 20 minutes sooner) after he knew I had to go to the bank which practically was going to close as I walked in the door. That and I needed to be somewhere an hour before that but I got the okay to be late. I barely even made it to their house in time since they were about to leave as I arrived. Huge reason why I need a new vehicle.... but I don't have the money for it since I gave the money I was going to use for it to doctor bills(200), Clothes shopping (about 100 there since pants falling off even with a belt isn't fun*), and the kicker- My friend I saw needed 300 for hormone therapy... so there goes any hope of me driving.... and getting out anytime soon.

I NEED my own place for my own mental health- I can't take her dad's yelling for no reason (why I moved out of my mom's), her criticism of everything ( she got mad since the freebie mags I got were more about feeling good about yourself than fashion so she could make fun of the clothes)... She wants to move in with me when I move out and its a definite "NO" for that. I have enough nervousness and self hate, I don't need anymore adding to the fire.

I'm honestly starting to think that maybe if I get another job I'll be able to leave by August. Maybe at an IHOP or something I can work nights. I'm already working 40 hours one day off a week but I neeed some way to get out of this house, I love the cooking and the free rent but its NOT worth it....

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  1. danghsia's Avatar
    wow talk about roommates.. I can't get along with them either. They think I am messy and bossy and snob. LOL

    they are the one who leave the dishes in the sink for weeks and leave rotten food in the fridge

    Well 2 months and I am out of here LOL

    Hope all it well with you
  2. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Ooohh....that stinks. I was never very good with roommates. Sounds like you have a good plan to get yourself a place of your own, which seems like the best thing for you right now. Best of luck!!
  3. tsgal's Avatar
    With the luck that both of you have had with roommates, to bad the two of you (dangshia and tarrien) couldn't share a place together.
  4. JoAnn's Avatar
    to bad the two of you (dangshia and tarrien) couldn't share a place together.
    I think maybe you hit a bingo or the nail on the head with this idea...