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band practice

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So I finally went back to my old roomie's house and picked up some of my mail and saw a friend who hasn't spoken to me in over a month. Who was more than "HEY!!! HI HI HI! WHAT'S UP!" when he saw me. It was so good to get out of the house and just hang out with the band again.

I just got so used to going to practice that not going for over 2 months made me go into a mini withdrawal? Not really a withdrawal but I missed them a lot. XD

We ended up heading out for pizza from the best place in town, paid for a huge pizza, about 1/5 of it left over at the end for about $20 including drinks.

The entire time my ex roommate was like "Hey, you seem out of it? Are you okay?...really are you okay?" I think I just zoned out a lot just because I was really just enjoying getting out of the house for once.

Ended up getting the motherload of freebies from not being there in a month XD. And ended up getting a ride home from the friend that didn't talk to me in forever. He basically was like "LETS HANG OUT THIS WEDNESDAY!" ... People are so weird.... *Shakes head*

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