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oh my goodness, I have lost it this time!!!

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why in the world did I tell my boyfriend he could buy a rental house????? My stress level has been 10 fold this past week and it looks like it is going to continue. Its karma for the stress I have caused someone for sure cause its getting me good LOL (probably my teen years and stressing my mom) Anyway, my boyfriend bought a rental house this past week good price but totally messed up my budget for the month. Not beyond recovery nothing is late etc, I'm just having to budget for supplies. the house was rented out before we bought it, the people have not lived there for 2 months but there stuff is still there, they had however paid the rent until May 1. So we buy the house, we had looked at this house about 8 months ago but the owner decided to wait till this year to sale because another sale last year would have thrown him into another tax bracket. We went to look at it the day before closing, her kids have written on the wall in the bedroom phone numbers in magic marker. ok so kilz and we were going to paint anyway, not a big problem. The lady had agreed to sell us her refrigerator and stove for 50.00. And even though she offered to paint the room for us we agreed to 50.00 for the appliances and we would handle the room. Shes an older lady, couldnt stand the thought of her painting. So we go up there today she has moved her bed, a few clothes and you guessed it the stove and refrigerator. Mind you she was supposed to be out on the 1st. Now there is no stove and refrigerator, she isnt painting the room, and we have a full house of junk to clean up. I had a sign on the door with my cell phone number in case of an emergency etc, someone removed the number, now if anything happens unless we accidently hear it on the scanner, we have no way of knowing. Like I said stress level. Ok put a new sign up that problem is solved.
My oldest son is going to the prom at the last minute my x hubby tells my 17 year old hes not giving him money for the prom. My 17 year old does not work, he plays sports and no one around here will work around his schedule. So he calls me wanting to know if I know where he could get a job and make some money for the prom. He wants to make theres our help with painting the house. So Im hiring my son to help us with the cleaning up and painting. 2 things at once Stevie made his money for the prom and dont have to tell his gf his mama gave it to him and we have help. So seems like things are starting to calm down, wrong!!!

We get our insurance papers for the house we are in (its time to renew)and the new rental house. number one the agent has changed our home address to the rental house, thank goodness the mailman recognizes the name. I asked him a week ago when the insurance was due, he said june 7th. Ok I can handle that I have time to budget We get the bill due date May 23rd! Ok stress level back up again, not only has he messed the insurance up for the new house and our address but now I have to budget for another 250 for the month.

The house we live in now is divided into 2 apartments. We rent out the other side. Dummy back there, has a little too much to drink and gets in a fight. The guy he gets a fight with has been staying back there with him for a few days. Anyway dummy in the back calls the cops. Cops all in my driveway at 12:00 am on Friday night. I'm in the bed and the cop knocks on my door asking me where the disturbance was and I had no idea what he was talking about because I slept through it all. Now stress level up again, wondering why in the world my driveway is full of police officers.
Thank goodness the Arsenal didn't wake up, I think I would have flipped.

The next day the guy that was staying with him moved his stuff out, but in the mean time informs us he wants dummy in the back to get kicked out so he can live there. Ok stress level really high now because I absolutely cannot stand stupid people

Then he doesnt shut the door to the apartment when he is finished moving. Dummy was out of town and he knew it. Ok he's playing games, like I would really let him move in that apartment, plus go through the extra cost of trying to get the other guy out (he is a little behind on rent, I could but hes catching up so Im not at the moment). On top of all this its final week coming up in my classes as if that is not enough stress by itself.

Sometimes I just want to

It all started with this stupid house and now I have to spend time cleaning out this stupid house and fixing it when I should be working on my finals Why in the world did I let him get this house???????????? There is only one answer, I have lost it this time

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    I went to a stress seminar one time. The lady said things only stress us if we ALLOW it. We have to decide, in our own mind, if we are going to allow it - by stressing we validate the occurance. In other words, the occurance wins and we lose. For the most part I have been able to win this battle but there are just times when I can't get a grip on it. . . . .My husband always believed - if you can do something about it then do it - if you can't do anything about it, then don't let it eat you up. Just do what you can and, strangely enough, everything else seems to fall into place. . . . This did help me thru some really tough times - hope it helps you, if only a little.
  2. tsgal's Avatar
    I have to agree with Janice. Don't let the stress win. With my job I have had to learn to be calm and not let the stress get to me. It's been a battle of my mind, but I believe that I'm getting a handle on it, little by little.