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Where are the good fairies?

Sad anniversaries

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April 19, 1997 - The Murrah Federal Bldg. was bombed (I'm sorry but I don't remember how many people died). . . . .April 23, 1998 - My husband passed away from Non-Hodgekins lymphoma. . . . May 3, 1999 - The worst tornado in recorded history (an F5) swept thru the State killing 44 people and destroying thousands of homes. . . .So many sad anniversaries all clumped together.

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  1. starsinnight's Avatar
    Hi Janice, I hope you're doing okay. I really hate sad anniversaries too, I have a bunch in the Fall which always makes me a little out of the normal. And I really hate Mother's Day coming up. Even though my mother passed away 10 years ago (can't believe it's been that long!) the day just seems to rub it in my face even more and I always can't wait for it to be over with. I guess that's how it goes for all of these type of anniversaries, even though they don't mean to, somehow they do. . .
  2. danghsia's Avatar
    wow those are sad
    Hope you re doing ok, Janice.
  3. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    I'm doing fine - just takes a little while for me to get back to normal. Lost people on 2 of the 3 dates so it's kind of tough, especially as all my boys birthdays fall between 3-25 and 5-11.It's a lot to process at once. Thank you for yoour thoughts.
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    Janice, I remember the exact place what I was wearing and exactly what I was doing the moment the news broke with the story about the bombing. **shakes head as another tear drops from corner of eye**. A very good friend was a first responder that day (he worked at the time in Bricktown). The terror that inflicted...was worried about so many people I knew in that area. This is one anniversary that I remember every year.

    The tornado...**shakes head as another tear drops from corner of eye** that was horrible. So hard waiting to hear from family and friends to know that they were not in harms way.

    These are sad anniversaries but ones that do make us appreciate the moments we are able to enjoy with others. No matter how small they might seem at the time.
  5. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Thank you Kim. I know there are many people remembering, just as I am.