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May 3rd at home

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Had a great trip to Omaha yesterday. 21 of us from our church. Must confess I had a hard time getting up this morning though! Made it to church and ended up teaching the 9 to 12 year olds in Sunday school as their regular teacher was out sick. Their lesson was on the Miracles of Jesus Christ so it was an easy one for me to fill in at the last moment. We make homemade blender ice cream for treats on Sunday here. One of our emergency food storage recipes that we love so very much. I know we need to get one of those hand cranked blenders for our storage just to make ice cream with when the chips are down! Give me ice cream or chocolate and I can handle anything!

I'm still peeling away from my Florida sunburn. I realize now it's going to take awhile to be done with this! I've got pictures back from our trip now. I'll post some if I can ever figure out how to do so! Maybe we'll have another rain day soon so I'll have tome to explore this option!

I'm going to go take a walk and take a look at my garden before it gets to dark to do so.

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