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Car accident

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Well....I have taken on a second job. This makes for 12-15 hour days. Hubby has an interview with Lowe's tomorrow - new store opening 2 minutes from our house. So the days are long but in time the rewards will come. I was headed home last night from my day job when I got side swiped. My office here is in a very busy research park….Well you have to cross over a really busy (at 5 pm) road and people like to “stack up” if you know what I mean…..well a lady was coming the other way and she side swiped me, she then went across the road and the only way that I could catch her was to pull out in traffic and do a u-turn to go get her, but by the time I got back to where the research park was –she was gone….I looked for her but I couldn’t find her……so I went home (was off last night) and called the insurance company….nothing can be done because no witnesses to contact (they all drove off in a flash) – everyone left – no tag number – what am I to do? The huge white strip down the side of my car is noticable with the car being green…..the door is dented a bit and it’s a little hard to close my door…but no injuries ….. I think I will take an scotch eraser and clean the white strip .... and say my prayers I am safe.

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  1. Liss's Avatar
    G, that's just wrong! Did you file a report with the police for a hit/run? I can't believe the insurance company isn't being more proactive in this.
    Here we have a news station that eats circumstances like this right up, they will broadcast about your car, what it looks like and any description you can give on the other vehicle. It might be worth calling.

    Hugs and I'm glad that you're okay (physically!).

  2. JoAnn's Avatar

    Sorry to hear about the Hit/Run..People at times are so rude--shame on them. Sooo glad you are ok. The best of luck to hubby w/ interview at Lowe's tomorrow.

    Keep your chin up.
  3. blndemom23's Avatar
    That is terrible! Glad to hear you are ok, but that definitely stinks about someone not taking responsibilty for something they did. I agree with Liss about calling the police and reporting it, at least it will be on file if nothing else happens. There has go to be SOEMTHING that can be done! If it's a busy intersection there may even be cameras installed by stoplights that may have gotten something. I know where I live there are cameras installed at busy intersection to try to catch red light runners.
  4. faxonfive's Avatar
    Well the funny thing is that they have just installed new stop lights in the area but they are not "ON" yet...LOL....There have been numerous accidents there in the past two years that I have been here. I am just thankful!! I appreciate and an very thankful to you - dear frriends!! Having been in a serious car accident that left me hospitalized for three months back in 1999 - left me humbled. It was not my fault and I did not sue. I think what goes around comes around - so I keep on trucking. It's funny, my husband agrees with me too. thanks for the support - I needed that!!!
  5. blndemom23's Avatar
    I firmly believe in what goes around, comes around all in due time
  6. wilbe95's Avatar
    So happy to hear that you are physically fine! You are correct, it will come back on that person eventually, you may never know it but believe it will happen. Do report it to the police, it might not repair the care but peace of mind for your sake. Insurance is insurance-might look for a new company, just saying. . . i would be some torqued over paying out the monthly payment to be told nothing can be done.

    Thank you for sharing with us. Update us on how the hubby's interview goes, wish you both the best in life!
  7. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thank you sweets!! I have reported the accident....so we will see in time.......I have my fingers crossed on the interview....this economy has made me sacrifice alot....but prayers and my friends here hace been my savior..thank you and I will let you know..... Thanks!!
  8. jaime's Avatar
    How horrible. Thank God you weren't hurt. I agree that what goes around comes around.
  9. faxonfive's Avatar
    Thanks Jaime!!

    I havent heard anything from the police, but I bet I wont either...but thank you SOO much for your well wishes!!!