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Family Night In

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Tomorrow we are having a family night. We'll cook up a pizza and have banana splits for dessert, and watch a movie.

Our total cost for our family night will be under $20, with food left over, rather than a $50 movie night at the local Cinemark or a $60 dinner out at a family restaurant.

A good deal, indeed. I'm really looking forward to the PIZZA, myself.

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  1. tsgal's Avatar
    I couldn't agree with you more. We had a family nite last night. The pizza was 3/$10.00, pretty good buy I thought. Made a cake and had ice cream too. There was plenty for all of us to eat, and it didn't cost us a fortune either.
  2. brchbell's Avatar
    We have a family night at least once a week and sometimes more. We figure we all have to work hard so deserve so fun at the same time! We got a great family home theater in our basement and DH bought a small pop corn machine for it last month. We've got ton's of movies collected. 7 of us and we all pitch in and buy more each month, even the ones who don't live at home. We also got canoes, paddle boat and a dock. Got several outdoor games also and camping gear should we decide to go to the other side of the lake for a few days.