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Painful tooth

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Wisdom tooth... It's sprouting- the last one in my mouth and it hurts. Really badly to the point where I can't drink fizzy things, or really talk all that much. Its not infected or anything just really really painful.

Been taking ample ibuprofen just so I can eat and relax. Still hurts if I eat so I've not been eating as much which in my opinion is a wonderful thing. I've been eating waaaay more than I should lately so...

Mono kicked my butt at work. I felt so much better until I worked in the kitchen for a few minutes- which overheated me so bad I could barely function. I'm just not really cut out for this job and I know that. I think I'm going to find another job where I feel things get done.

I mean, when I worked with clothes- stuff got done. Pharmaceuticals- Done. But since there's always customers and I'm responsible for them getting everything, everything getting taken away, answering the phone, etc... it feels more like an endless cycle rather than "Sale and done" or "Try this on and I'll ignore you for most of the time you're in here- don't shoplift, I'm still watching you somewhat*"

But I feel that if I end up not having this job I won't be able to afford a moped of which I've been wanting since I was a little girl. And I really really want to get myself one for my birthday just so I'm not presentless this year like last year...

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    Wow nothing like adding insult to injury! Mono now your teeth. Hope you do get to feeling better soon. I know when my wisdom teeth came through I had to help them couldn't keep my fingers off of my gums scratching to do anything to make the pain go away. Didn't work.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    Lady, sure hope that you start feeling better soon. You surly have your hands full--mono & now wisdom tooth. Remember to keep up on your fluid intake, if you aren't eating much. Could also use the blender for foods.

    You are saving for a moped for your Birthday, when is your birthday? Sounds like a fun goal to achieve.......And useful.
    Good Luck !!
  3. danghsia's Avatar
    hope you feel better soon

    mine is really painful when I took it out

    good luck