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Ever do this?

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Ok, this is one for the record books on screw-ups.

This weekend was the Mall Lock-in for area GS...about 500-700 girls locked in the mall for the get the picture. I had one mom actually tell me that she doesn't know how I can stay up all night to which I repeated...about 500-700 girls locked in the mall for the

Anyway, Friday I get prepared. The house was clean, laundry done. I was looking forward to sleeping all weekend. So Friday night I drink about a pot of coffee...this thing starts at 10pm...and I take a shower to be all nice and ready. My dd also gets all cleaned up and is sooo excited. At 9pm I am out the door to go pick up a few of the girls for the event. I arrive at the first girls house and knock on the door. Her twin brother comes to the door and just stares at me. She pops in behind him and I say...all caffine like..."Ready to go have some fun?" she says "uh, I am in my jammys" I am really confused at this point. Her mom comes to the door and tells me that it is Saturday night not Friday night....I am dumbfounded...I have never gotten dates wrong. Anyhow I get the tickets out of my purse and sure enough it is Saturday night. I am soooo embarrased and confused as to how I could have managed messing up the date.

Anyhow I rush home to call dd's dad, who was suppose to pick her up Sat. for the night and explain that I got the wrong day. DD is so mad at me she is not talking to me as I pack her stuff for the night. Once she leaves I realize that I have dunk enough coffee to keep up a horse.

I tried to sleep in the bed, but when dh got to sleep before me it was useless...he was sucking in the windows so I went to dd's room and tried her bed, but it was too small LOL so I went to the couch and there I sat eyes bugged staring at the wall for hours. I think I did get a couple of hours.

Anyhow, Saturday rolled around and I am dead tired. I still took a shower and left to pick up the girls for the event...this time it was not a drill LOL. They had fun...I stayed by the coffee machine...Sunday when we got home I was too tired to sleep. If that isn't an oxymoron, but I was. I finally slept last night, but I am in a daze today...I think I need a nap.

This is probably one of the silliest things I have done. Have you ever done something like this?

ps. DH says I need a vacation

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  1. Janice Terrell's Avatar
    Bless your heart. I know it's not funny but I can just see you with eyes bugged out, staring at the walls. When children are involved, these things just happen. Think it is somehow built into the genes (don't know if it's theirs or ours).
  2. starsinnight's Avatar
    wow that sounds intense. the only thing i can compare it to with me is i had to do a 3 day training from 9 to 5 2 weeks ago on the weekend!! so i work Monday to Friday, and took Friday off of work. So i worked Monday to Thursday full-time, then went to this training Friday, Saturday, and Sunday... then back to work on Monday at 9am and worked through the week till Friday again. I had this past weekend to recover, but i defintiely needed a vacation after - still do!

    isn't it weird how coffee never works right when we need it? i dont know about you but whenever i drink coffee to study, im so exhausted the entire time studying and then when it's time for bed, i can't fall asleep!
  3. Tarrien's Avatar
    I've always noticed if I start a new job (where I need to wake up early*) or when I was starting a new semester for school I wouldn't be able to sleep until an hour before I had to be up. I've always been pretty spot on with dates.
  4. wilbe95's Avatar
    Jaime, what an experience! Hope you have gotten some rest today. Isn't it nice when the kids go back to school after a trying weekend.
  5. JoAnn's Avatar
    At least you can laugh it off, and chalk it up to a dumb attack.
    So where is DH taking you for a vacation ? lolll
  6. jaime's Avatar
    Thanks everyone...glad to see you can relate! I seriously thought I was loosing my mind. LOL. No vacation in the plans, but I think I can sneak a nap in today
  7. tsgal's Avatar
    What an adventure you had. I would have been worn out too, and not able to sleep that night. Take the week to get yourself back on might take that long to get normal again.