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Trying to get back into the groove

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Trying to get back to my old schedule. We've been working hard but with my severe sunburn it's really been pulling me down. Severe headaches and lack of energy. I keep pushing myself and glad today is Sunday! We always take Sunday off. Go to church and spend time together as a family. enjoy some down time, read a good book, do genealogy, go for a walk together and have some good chats. But most of all we get good down time to rest up and recover so we can face a new week. My sun burn started blistering up yesterday and part of it is finally starting to peel. Hopefully by next week it will be a forgotten issue! I still can't wear clothing over where I'm burnt. Much to painful still to touch. I only have one pair of shoes I can wear. Looked funny with my dress today at church! Had a great meeting and when someone asked to talk to me about camp that's happening in June I told them to get back to me on Wednesday. I usually walk 2 to 5 miles each day so they wanted me to go as they have a 4 mile hike planned and need leaders to go with the kids. The person who was suppose to go came down with meningitis two months ago and while hoping to go to camp, knows there is no 4 mile hike in her future this year. They also wanted me as I teach classes on survival and cooking over an open fire. Anyway I know I'll be up to it in June but sure didn't want to think about it today! glad we got out as fast as we did to as a severe storm was moving in. We out ran it and got home just as the first drops started to fall.

We didn't get to have our Easter dinner as a family so we did that yesterday. Fixed a leg of lamb and a ham and also did a roast up as I had one who won't eat ham and didn't know if he'd eat lamb. Anyway got enough food fixed so I shouldn't have to cook the rest of the week. Tried doing asparagus in the oven sprinkled with olive oil and cajun seasoning. It was really fast and oh so good! Anyway will be eating left overs for several days. will be bagging up and freezing part of it also.

We got all the cinder block moved into the garden but got to get the baby chick wire put down and get it all mulched. the baby chick wire keeps the moles out. Hopefully we'll have all the beds filled with the garden mix by the end of the week. Unless it rains all week! My 3 beds of peas came up real good while I was gone. Everything seems to be taking a lot longer to come up this year. But I guess those seeds know when to pop on up.

The Storm has blown on through now. So will go take my walk and enjoy this beautiful day while it lasts-- looks like more rain moving in.

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  1. DohDohBird's Avatar
    Oooh...peeling sunburns gross me out. :P

    Sounds like you had a productive day. You spend your Sundays like I spend mine: reflecting, resting, and getting ready for the week ahead.
  2. JoAnn's Avatar
    Hope that you are feel better & ing by the middle of the week.....Sun burn is no joke, one of those pains that I haven't forgotten.