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Okay - so I am NOT going to go on a political rant here, cause I actually don't like politics anyways. But what I do know is about the unemployment problem in our country and how I might be one of those statistics too soon.

It's kind of depressing to know that just a few years ago, those who got laid-off or fired were usually not the best workers. Nowadays, its because of "the economy" or funding problems. I've had the whole economy debate with my much more political significant other but while he blames the "fear" that many of us have as being a vicious cycle, I can't compeltely disagree.

Since we are afraid of losing our jobs, which many of us are, we don't spend as much or buy houses or waste money, more than ever now. And that just makes things worse for everyone else and businesses.

But whatever, I'm not getting political, I need to remind myself.

Instead I've come to vent about my job. Phew. We had a budget meeting saying we lost 50% funding since we are non-profit and most of our grants and funders pulled the plug so not only is 50% gone but also small amounts here and there, plus a huge $1 million for something else too. So yeah, we're in trouble.

And while there are 4 of us in my job title, not all of us can stay. And while I may be biased, but my friend and I are the hardest of workers at our job - always gettting everything done the best way possible and as soon as possible, and sadly - we may be the ones to go. Why? Because our projects are the ones losing the money.

It's also sad that degrees don't mean what they used to. I'll have a graduate degree in about a year from now and well, I might not be able to find work with it, and I might get paid the same amount as I do now, according to starting salaries I've found.

But what can be done besides vent and complain... and what can be done besides patiently waiting for this too to pass? I know I'll figure it out somehow but still... it sucks.

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  1. wilbe95's Avatar
    I completely understand what you are saying about the job. I am one of those people who shows up early to work, does the work the most efficient and quickest way but also the most thorough and put in a lot of extra hours to make sure everything runs smoothly. A lady I share an office with is suppose to work more hours in a week then myself, yet she comes in over an hour late every day, takes two thirty minute breaks (morning and afternoon) plus an hour lunch and then leaves usually the same time I do. My money is gone so I am out the door, she is still getting funding so she gets to keep her job. It is not right and it is not fair. The odds of me finding another position that will pay what I am making now is very slim. I have an advanced degree and yet because of that some people feel threatened that I want their jobs.

    I have to remind myself that for some unknown reason to myself my "job" in this position is over and that I have done the task that I was sent here to do and that a new task will appear for me when I am suppose to do it. Have to believe this.

    Hope your job is secure, but know that maybe there is a new task that you are suppose to doing in the very near future.
  2. starsinnight's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply. It sounds like we are in similar situations. My job is not secure, atleast we won't know for atleast another 3-4 months, and who knows what will happen then? But like you said, I just have to keep telling me something else will come along... and hopefully better. I am not enjoying this whispering and rumours that go around (even though I do get involved in the gossip too) just wish there was nothing to gossip about!

    After I posted this, my boss actually came in to my office and asked if I would help out with another study we are working on in another office. And since I'm always willing to help, I agreed. But then I got thinking about the 3 other people in my office and why she picked me? And so because of all these budget issues I got all paranoid and starting wondering if it was because she thinks I dont have enough work to do! and on the positive, maybe she knows I'm willing to help. But who knows?

    So maybe this was a wrong decision but I decided to send her an email about the project I've been working on for the past few months and how it's going and what I've been doing with it. I got no reply so I don't know what that means! So frustrating!!! And not sure if it was the right thing to do.
  3. Liss's Avatar
    You have some very good points, particularly about Degrees not meaning anything anymore.

    Something else that I thought I would toss in their that I hadn't previously realized.. Did you know that when they Calculate current unemployment rates, they are basing the numbers off people that are currently RECEIVING Unemployment compensation. However, if a person has collected their maximum allotment, yet is still not working, they are no longer considered "unemployed". So when your state says 12% unemployment, it could actually be as high as 30% (or more).

    This was a big argument on our Local news the other night and I found it quite interesting.
  4. Tarrien's Avatar
    Its going to be a rough job market this summer when college kids are off and highschool students are looking for extra revenue. I can smell the competition from the older generation who needs the revenue rather than the generation who just wants the extra revenue... But I digress

    I'm actually thinking that I might end up doing something more socially oriented instead of the same boring day to day job since I'm really not enjoying most of the jobs I find for someone with limited qualifications (like not having a degree, they may not mean much but if you have SOMETHING its better than nothing from what I'm finding)
  5. brchbell's Avatar
    The economy really scares me! Everything is changing so fast we can't keep up with it all! and the garbage Washington is doing makes me think they've all turned into a bunch of morons back there! I'd sure feel better if my house was paid off!
  6. starsinnight's Avatar
    You all have good points! Unemployment rates are scary now, who would have thought things would be like this just a few years ago? Even growing up - I never thought things could get so bad. I'm taking a class on Career Counseling now (have an exam on it tonight - wish me luck!) and the statistics are definitely alarming. The young can't get jobs out of high school, college, and grad school - and the older generations can't find jobs post-retirement and some are afraid to retire and losing retirement funds. It's just awful!

    And Tarrien, it might be better in some ways to get a degree like you said but in the current state of things, it's pretty much useless in most respects. I will make the only a few thousand more a year WITH a master's degree than without. And that's sad since the degree itself cost almost 100k. If I were paying for it, instead of my job, i would have been better off putting that money in savings!! But that's short-term, a degree might be better in the long-term if things end up getting better. My thinking is - stay in school and be a lifelong learner! The more training the better, and if I rack up tons of debt and loans, hopefully... one day when I'm 70 ill be able to pay them off. and a house too - once i get one of those somehow. lol